11:11:11 Sacred Geometry Meditation

Channeled message from the Archangel Group Uriel brought to you by Sharon Ta’ab Wuti (Sun Woman). Sacred Geometry Meditation for your Divine Blueprint of Pure Love. Angelic healing music by Paul Lloyd Warner from his Symphony for Humanity CD available at www.waterfallmusic.com. Harmonic light activation with the 11:11:11 frequency. For more information on the DNA Activation, Ascension, Lightwork, Energy Healing, Channeled messages, Sacred Geometry and more, visit www.meetup.com/Lightworkers-Meetup.

28 thoughts on “11:11:11 Sacred Geometry Meditation

  1. Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is a Great Buddha Law of the Universe, a cultivation system based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. More than 3500 died from torture.


  2. I am told to seek Samael, Not Uriel…so not sure why I came, I guess it is to understand why??
    How is it that the “light”-workers have expanded this idea to include ArchAngels??
    it seems that it started as a much more benevolent thing.
    Not that I dismiss, the idea of Angels, mind you, although, to commune, and claim transmissions, seems far-fetched, honestly. love~~ero~~

  3. my home address adds up to 11, my work address adds up to 11, my 3 childrens birth years, all add up to 11, whenever 11 is present, I am on the right path.

  4. I have witnessed this number sequence do incredible things. I was a bugler for many years, my very first last post was in Freetown ha ha. I have created a 950 word jazzed up poem if any of you care to look peace the truth will out :)

  5. So much love back to you and everyone. Congrats on your marriage and may you give each other unconditional love and most of all…like each other.

  6. when i watch these video’s and think of all the people who saw this and smiled and felt a harmonious hum deep down inside them i think i feel its too, how wonderful perhaps there is hope in these dark days.

  7. The name Sharon has also being sent to me when asking the name of the messenger of my channeling of cosmic knowledge. Just seeing the name “Sharon” in the description box has profound synchronistic alignment value to me… just had to share, but isn’t that what life is all about?
    Peace, Pot and light to all…

  8. Hey all of you conspiracy theory fucktards…
    The world didn’t end last week after all!!! Nice try charleton scammers. So, what’s the newest date predicted for all of the mindless, idiot sheep to jump on the bandwagon over? Stupid fucking losers, get a life already and stop trying to con the public. ASSHOLES!!!

  9. Thanks man!!! I spent 10 years in the US Navy and I truely believe that those of us who served really deserve this day and those who willing gave their lives for us. I’m glad my comment was uplifting and Thank You for your sacrifice Brother!!

  10. You are an American Bad-Ass, Jason. I mean that – and have a great day, Brother! I am a US Combat Veteran and you just made my day by what you typed in and what I just read. Your words are Powerful. Keep using your Power in a Positive way… ~ Peace, Me

  11. This is AWESOME!!! I can’t believe there are so many other people out there who know about 11:11. I just got married on 11/11/11 and posted the video at 11:11 (true story) and it was the most beautiful day of my life. Who ever reads this: I Love You!

  12. 11-11-11….veterans day people!!! Remember those who gave their lives so we could ALL have the abiltiy to even be on the internet!!!!! GOD bless America, Land of the FREE home of the BRAVE!!!! Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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