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Fenting Huang says:

I’m a university 1 student now and Architecture is going to be my major
after I complete my first-year study. Even though all the courses I have
now are introductory level…..I still find the lectures are difficult.
I’ve just done the study of Golden Ratio, but I just can’t understand it.
I’ve never been good at math, the worst grade I got in high of math was 14
out of 150. University life is more difficult than I thought before,
especially for an international student who are unable to speak English
fluently and always need translator. I almost gave up at the first week, I
talked to my advisor and I told her I wanted to drop all the courses and
restart by May. The next day I went to a shopping mall, I saw different
people, and I was thinking a question that always come across my mind, how
those strangers’ feel about their life, are they happy? are they satisfied?
do they regret about some wrong decision? are they feel tired sometime? do
they miss their friends and family? That evening I kept listening to a
Japanese song called 負けないで, and I decided to continue my study of this
semester regardless where my next stage would be. I made this decision of
being abroad, then I have to stand up and keep going because this is my
life and I have no place to go back any more.
I don’t know why I write this here, I think I just to say something to no
one. I can’t tell my friends or family, I always tell them I’m fine, I can
take care of myself. I don’t want them to worry about me.
I may go back here next year, after I graduate from university, or I may
just simply forget this. If 4 years, 10 years, 20 years later, when I see
these words, what will I feel? Maybe embarrassed? 

dlwatib says:

If I’d had you for a teacher in college I never would have changed majors
from Architecture. But like you say, they were teaching none of that. No
classical principles whatsoever.

Thug Angel says:

Awesome Teacher !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow this is amazing 

templar23 says:

You sir, are a brilliant teacher. 

Ozie Cargile says:


Mantikore420 says:

So glad that you’re teaching art and not something that relies on
education.. cause metaphysics doesn’t belong in real education. The Golden
Ratio isn’t found EVERYWHERE in nature, but it does show up a good bit.
Drawing some lines on the board the right size so you can then hold it up
to one part of your body isn’t smooth. You could of made a bigger box to
begin with and then held it up to your whole arm, or leg. Cherry picking
what you correlate isn’t going to actually help educate your students, even
if it is art class.

There’s a reason that the golden ratio (and pi as well) got mixed into
philosophy.. cause there will never be ONE true answer. Math is the
language of the universe, nothing mystical about it, but the golden ratio
and pi are both common place in basic math and geometry. You can find the
math and geometry in pretty much everything in the universe, but you won’t
always find the golden ratio. Both pi and the golden ratio are irrational
numbers. Meaning you’ll infinitely continue finding larger and more
detailed versions of it, but no matter what you find, there’s always a
better answer. Since they’re so common place, they’ve “haunted” mankind
forever. We will never reach the end of the numbers, you could calculate
both numbers all the way down to the 1,924,857,353,342 trillionth decimal
place and still wouldn’t have the best possible answer. Since they got
mixed into our philosophy, you’ll have people who work it into their
personal belief in the universe.. and as a teacher of any kind, you should
avoid bringing your personal belief into what you formally educate others

Tu Ta says:

This man seems stressed

Joakim Perfjell says:

Wow, great teacher, inspiring and seriously :) 

Sergio Ballestero says:

Really interesting, wanted to know what the course will cover (with the
images he showed) .. lol.. :p

Jbautista says:

Thank you, you made it so clear. I wish you were my professor 

Reham Al-Damisi says:

many thx sir ! really intresting !

Francisco de Souza says:

Which DVD is that?

juuonse says:

This went straight over my head….oh well, I suppose this isn’t exactly
the best video to start this topic with…:P

Gwen VIBANCOS says:

But you forgot to mention that God is an alien…^^

PrinceSuperfly says:

He backs it all up :)

Voldein says:

That was absolutelty beautiful and usefull, thank you so much.,

borrakya says:

What is the website?

Peter Mende says:

wondering who is running the show…

Kazi Faysal says:

golden ratio is just an urban myth. you may check Math guy’s lecture

hisaru23 says:

Damn where is this guy? I must learn from him!!!!!!

tom wkf says:

good lecturer

ArtInsightTV says:

I’ve heard Myron called a lot of things — but never “bloke”. That’s cool.
but I agree 100% he is a cool bloke. Especially when he drinks some wine
and stays late at the Studios and share stories about his days as a working
artist in France or his time in Spain and Italy. Or the Art studio he help
open in Japan. Myron is one of the best Story Tellers you’ll meet. And at
the end of the day this bloke is one that everybody respects.

Babylon Gate says:

nice bottle :D

SalfordQuays says:

Really well explained, this bloke’s cool :)

keeperofthecheese says:

@RayL1983 Of course it does, painters use it all the time. As do
Photographers. Warhol didnt use it because most of his work did not involve
his own compositions, he simply used images created by others.

Daus Pulai says:

2.30 Has the proportions of just about the whole of nature in every WHAT???

Sasha Vrečko says:

Very well done,mr.Barnstone!Thank you for simple advices to amateur

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