We live in an electric Universe: Birkeland currents & Mer-Ka-Ba science – Drunvalo Melchizedek

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More information on the Birkeland currents http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birkeland_current Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I…


Iris Lavy says:

Very interesting although difficult to follow… what I would like to ask
Drunvalo is if everything happens instantly then what is time, or what is
the meaning of time, or the manifestation of time? something like that…

Dave Preston says:

I never remember Tesla saying this? 

Alexander Aramaki says:

Also, kind of odd how Drunvalo is not familiar with Nassim’s
Holofractalgraphic Universe theory and Quantum Gravity considering it’s
based on fundamental mathematics based on Sacred Geometry that Drunvalo
always speaks of. I would love to see a 3-way conversation between these 2.

scott silver says:

Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA loves this link thank you.

Katya Faris says:

Wow, this was so very very very good!!! I watched it twice, right in a
row. My husband is a physicist and studies Tesla, and we were like, “yes,
Yes!!!” Also, the Thunderbolts Project is who the Electric Universe
Conference people are, and they have great presentations not just on
science, but on the folklore and mythology behind the science. Absolutely
a must watch for those who are interested in this topic is the movie,
“Thunderbolts of the Gods”. Great stuff, Lilou :* Big kisses!!!! xoxoxo

Wei Qi says:

Drunvalo looks like David Caradine, perhaps he’s the real Kwai Chang Caine. :-) 

Stellar Tan says:

Wish these information can be understood better for mainstream people like
me who has no knowledge about science. Help ? 

Travis Stefansky says:

nanomyou5, he has never made any predictions, so any claim that he has been
wrong is cpnpletely erroneous! Lol I mean, I wish I could refute actual
proven facts of his fallibility but you presented none, yet seemed quite
convinced of this and definitely showed your vehenmency, but certainly not
your reason. So, if you find this comment, along with all
doubters/inquirers, please reply to this and we will lay it all out on the

Insofar as this video goes; a BEAUTIFUL exchange between two AMAZING
people. My Heart goes out to you two, and to all! Namaste

SoularLight says:

Just to clarify, the two side currents/channels/divine feminine and
masculine/ida and pingala wrap tightly around the central tube. Once done,
the initiate can travel at faster speeds through our sun and then on to
other Suns. What made this possible was an astrological alignments
initiated in spring of this year, with the arrival of the arrival of
feminine masters who head the final codes and completed in October with
Venus and the solar eclipse. Also, the sun created a specific light
architecture that allows this, a four-petal structure. When I traveled
through the portal, the color is gold with some copper. However, initiates
still have to complete the kundalini awakening and open crown and change
their light architecture, etc before the initiate is able to do this level
of mastery.

Positive777 says:

Thank you so much, Dru and Lilou, for sharing this! It is for me so much of
what I call “Remembering Who We Really Are – One Infinite WE Within Our Own
Individual Me” the title of an ebook of poetry I will release soon… :)

From another point of view
And YOU are also Me
To Enable me to See
This One Infinite WE
Within Our Own Individual Me
That [I now know better than ever] I have come here to BE.

In lak’ech ala k’in
Now has a deeper ring… :)

I love you guys so much! Thank you from the infinite depths of my
Heart (((♥)))

Mireille says:

How I first learned about you (Lilou) and Drunvalo was an early interview
between you two. Before that I had no idea of any of you (and your ideas)
existed. I had never heard something so fantastic and out of my
understanding yet not contradictory to anything I knew. I still find you
and Drunvalo fascinating. Your interview skills have greatly increased and
Drunvalo I find, that can talk publicly about even more complex topics. 


This is so exciting !

holly kelley says:

Thank god someone is re writing history about this…

newearth says:

Undoubtedly Drunvalo is very famous and inspirational, however is there any
record of real cases of people who have done his meditation and actually
start feeling/seeing the super fantstic things he refers to?

And also, he speaks of “we” meaning the humanity and the scientists, but is
this realistic, “we” are nowhere near to even allowing the commercial solar
car go into production although the model is ready for production for
soooooo many years! even car fins are not put on most new cars although
they can save in some cases even 30% of fuel. the list can go on and it
becomes evident that “we” actively work towards destruction of the plant
and constructive ideas are not allowed to materialise. it seems quite
unreasonable to expect the current state of affairs that common people will
start benefiting the scientific discoveries about Birkeland currents.

Arturo Ayala Chávez says:

Amazing this person is a wise master of light and true, thank you for

Alexander Aramaki says:

When I did a type of DMT in a sacred space this is exactly what i saw, the
divine archetype of Father Sky and Mother Earth in loving unison.

michael Kermit says:

Drunvalo was wrong about 2012 I heard him on coast to coast radio making
huge claims of what will happen, none of these things he said happened so
he really lost a lot of credibility for me.

Michelle Layran says:

Drunvalo… You are the biggest dummy for saying that 21:26 …go
de-program your self… maybe then you’ll have something valuable to say.

Sanck Sellmoney says:

interesting interview….

ArtistScottyGiffen says:

Thank you both ! Fantastic.. I took a Heart Math Class, ~Peace.

Alex Salcedo says:

We want to know those theories applied to use in an every day activities,
soon, either in a book or dvd. He likes to organize very long and expensive
seminars, and I dont see it as a way to help everyone. Also, it sound very
interesting and exciting but he likes to do that and years go by and
nothing concrete. Its good that you said that at the beginning, make it
simple Drunvalo!

Jean C says:

Drunvalo please tell us more about this huge event that’s supposed to
happen by Nov/December of 2015!!! Where are we going???? (I’m excited to
leave this place lol)

musicvideosish says:

Conversation felt unfinished. Part two please? Also, why continue to charge
to help humanity? Jesus did not charge for his teachings.. Just a thought..

Maria Potze says:

Thank you So very Much ❤️ to ❤️

flippinecc says:

Super interview, Lilou.

The Notorious VEG says:

I live for this stuff

rjm420silverback says:

Glad to see Drunvalo and his update to where the #FlowerofLife has
continued to #evolve to. Thanks +Lilou Mace for an awesome interview!

I’m joining in with +Drunvalo Melchizedek and the rest of my brothers and
sisters globally who are now invoking our #UnityConsciousness to awaken and
join in with our universe and our Sun as well as our planet on this great
evolutionary paradigm shift.


144Donn says:

I used to think Drunvalo was off his rocker..I am either scared or happy to
say..he is making FAR more sense to me now..does this mean I am farther off
my rocker?
Great stuff!

Mike Servis says:

I want to download electricity to my Nissan Leaf via a cellular conection
while I drive down the road . That’ll put a new perspective on “range

Alexandra Tziakouri says:

Amazing!!! thank you :) 

catherine macdonald says:

Thank you both! I’ve been waiting for this since the 1970′s. It’s long
overdue. So glad to witness this in my life time! ;) 

Andromeda Love Story says:

The Baby is the Neutron Rod vertical, the Mother is the Feminine The Proton
Wrapped around the Neutrons and the Father is the Electron wrapped around
the Mother and Baby. <3 I am just posting a lot cause I see so much
information translated with my visions :D <3

Anthony Allen says:

We are reaching critical mass! I saw an article in Huffington Post about
conscious people becoming “Main Stream”
I’m glad he agrees w/ Electric Universe. Madame Blavatsky also talked about
a current flowing thru the Universe.
We are living in VERY interesting times. Duality is splitting apart.
Negative & Positive events are rapidly progressing in the world.

Sheila sullivan says:

There is no man who could possible know the truth about the origins life in
the universe and on planets for it is all about BIRTH. I born with a sixth
sense and gifted. We are one with all of nature and the universe.and it is
all about BIRTH. The origins of life was hermaphrodite. All females species
on this planet give birth through eggs. If you want to know about Sun Lilou
get in touch. taking this course University of Copenhagen
Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life. Lots and
lots of misinformation from the New Age Market.

The universal sound of love is OM or AUM. The inner core of the Sun is a
symphony of music. Bach and Beethoven were connect to the core of their
oneness with all of nature and the universe. Our voice tone and our hearts
when pregnant connect the life growing inside this universal sound of love
and nature All life that begins in a state of unconditional love When a
super nova takes place it is like man releasing sperm in the solar system
created life in the primordial water on planets. There was life on Mars and
Venus. Father Sun Sister Moon Mother Earth how far we drifted from living
in harmony with all of nature which we evolved from. Creation and
Evolution were never separate. The entire story is about BIRTH. 

Loyd anonamous says:

This prayer is given by the masters:

A Prayer for the New Age

I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything comes from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
for the self to realize in them
My supreme being and becoming.

If said daily this will bring about a realization of your true self.

nanomyou5 says:

Drunnvalo Melchizedek has given exact prophecies, scientific sounding
claims, many dates and events — almost ALL of which have turned out to be
WRONG. Not wrong a little bit, not “yes, we could interpret this one way”
or “wrong in material, but right in energetic reality”, but just wrong.

Not one single individual has been able to show/prove that his Mer-Ka-Ba
visualization mediation actually does something to people.

So, a question: why do we still listen to him?

Because he is a good story-teller?

Because he feels like a genuine human being?

Does that make it more acceptable that he seems to talk a lot of pure
bullcrap and never seems to worry about correcting his mistakes, but
peddles onto another bullcrap thing?

He might be a wonderful person (have not meant him), but taking his word
even as general guidance, when there are tons of people whose methods
actually produce measurable results, seems a little odd to me.

Then again, to each his/her own.

writechick22 says:

Incredible session. Thank you both!

Bob Etu says:

dru is pumped!!!!!;)

barbara c belger says:

interesting interview… nice to see drunvalo again and lilou, your energy
has totally shifted into ‘parisienne’ ? :) awesome …
love the heart math stuff at around 40 min … have been using ‘heart math’
for about 10 years with self/clients and have been trying to show the
importance of this to everybody who wants to hear :) 

Jonathan Trevesser says:

There’s a book called that explains how this is done. The
Aborigines in Australia have been doing this for years, in a way, they
communicate with each other at long distances telepathically. They say the
way they do this is, they are completely transparent, “they never do
anything they are ashamed of.”
This is the way we stay connected with God as well, you never violate your
conscience. I hope this is part of what science is finding out. 

Mike Davino says:

excellent video both of you. Drunvalo, finally bridging the spirit science
with physics .. with proof! been following both of you since 2009 on fb
read everything in the 1992-4 books of Barb. Marciniak and a book with
Drunvalo ad sacred geometry in 1992. wish I could travel around with you
Lilou. Mom worked for TWA out of JFK airport for 25 years so I’ve been
around a lot. peace out. Mike

Johnny jr says:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

“What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered
as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein

Taivanbat Ariunbold says:

WOW!!! Drunvalo blows my mind everytime! keep studying and discovering! i
believe in you Great one!

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