The Universe – Fractal Cosmology

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Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius That is above, similarly to that is below Fractal Cosmology is a self-similar cosmological paradigm. From subat…


Mila Dream says:

The Universe – Fractal Cosmology´╗┐

Leonard Malinowski says:

You and I are on the same page, Scalativity – “The New Scientific Paradigm”
Episode 1 – Fractal Big Bang Theory´╗┐

benbennit says:

@SlimD11 Similar… these are closed systems that have to cooperate or they
would not exist and you would not witness them. If an atom or a solar
system or a galactic cluster did not act in the way you observe it it and
you would not exist for the observation to happen. Nature does exist in a
state of feedback but in a different form from say the gravitational paths
of planets around a star.

Jonathan Sharman says:

Is it possible to change YouTube video titles? Because for you information,
you misspelled “scalar” in the title. Hope that helps.

FallofDarkness55 says:

taking string theory into account, the subatomic regime, goes one level

Parasyte1010 says:

1:57, Cat face.

SlimD11 says:

Through fractal geometry I suppose the Earth, or reality as a whole, could
be an organic system. Cells cooperate to form an organism. Those organisms,
made from cells, arose from the planet. As a species we cooperate, that is
we should cooperate,in order to function properly. Our planet is part of a
community of planets orbiting a star.Our star is one star out of a
community of many stars to form a galaxy and so on.This unification,or
entanglement,is infinite regardless of the size or scale.

Z3R0XTN says:

yes, but maybe there’s no limit & it goes always a level deeper ?? the
number of levels may be infinite and the more smaller levles get beyond our
measurement cappabilities?

AltAirPilot517 says:


PIatinumsmith says:

Gee, I just learned a lot of new words for smallness!

alwaysopen says:

What is the origin of the first image looking at the milky way? There have
been no satellites that far away to project that image. How would I know
that? I worked in the space industry as an engineering technician and was
directly involved with several satellites managed by NASA. Where would a
satellite derive power to transmit radio signals without the rays of any
sort of sunlight? These are a bunch of images that amount to artistic

tyrgodofwar999999999 says:

Thanks for making that. It shows a wider perspective on life.

Freakaface says:

Great Video, man!

zezt says:

artistic freedom…YEAHHHH!!

RQStr82Lrn says:

@SlimD11 There is a time where time is not. There is a place where location
is not. There is. That is what reality is. Fractal geometry, a child’s
toy/understanding, is a tiny little segment of the whole of reality.
(although “whole” is inaccurate as it borrows from space) Look into
information itself, or the ingredients needed to facilitate it’s illusion.
That’s where you’ll find the answers to the big and to the small.

benbennit says:

Nature behaves differently at these different levels. Like frequencies, it
affects the basic mathematical construct of the multiverse and creates our

DirectorMeadows says:

The quarks slide is the outside edge of just another universe,

RQStr82Lrn says:

@SlimD11 “This unification,or entanglement,is infinite regardless of the
size or scale.” It is isn’t it! It’s as though “what is” is the root.
Reality. Truth. That stands easily enough on it’s own. Here is the kicker.
I can say right now, “you are.” No one would disagree. But given the
statement you just made about entanglement, the only thing allowing me to
say that 2500 years ago is semantics. “You will be”, I’d have to say, but
really, even 2500 years ago, “you are” seems correct too.

alwaysopen says:


trensun says:

wtf mila kunis…i do not want to watch you smoke

SlimD11 says:

@D33veeoss Wow, deep stuff. There is truth to what you say friend.

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