The Sacred Geometry of The Universe

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According to Stephen Skinner, the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein. Many forms …


FirstRisingSouI says:

This is . . . hilarious. I laughed my way through the whole thing. You
posit assumptions with absolutely no backing, draw circles and squares, and
match patterns that look similar but have no logical link to each other.
The fact that you put enough work into making a 1.75 hour video makes me
think that you really do believe this nonsense. And the sad thing is, I bet
a lot of people who watch this will be convinced. Oh, and learn your
physics before positing your questions; we do have an operational
definition of mass.

Humans are wired for pattern-recognition. This helped us survive through
natural selection, but it is so strong in us still that we connect all
manner of unrelated things. To account for this, we must learn how to
evaluate all evidence we are confronted with and any conclusions we come up
with to determine whether they are solid or not.

“People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe
almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because
they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be
true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of
it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only
rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are
confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.”
–*Wizard’s First Rule* by Terry Goodkind

John Mctaggart says:

Im sorry but i dont believe u when u said that scientists have already
proved that the heart has its own seperate brain cells, can u please post a
link to the video or website where u saw this, thanx

georgeshady1999 says:

Really interesting video but I still have my doubts about the validity of
the things referenced . could someone check if this is bullshit or not ? I
am way too lazy to do my own research 

The Augur says:

Time and space DID have a beginning, therefore the universe had a
beginning.. Example: If there was an infinite amount of time, then you
of-course could go infinitely BACKWARDS in time.. which means there is an
infinite amount of time before now.. Thus meaning, we could never reach
this point in time… Therefore, Time had a beginning, and you cant have
space without time as they are one and the same entity. Therefore, the
universe had a beginning.

Simon Richard says:

I am sorry to say “here’s what’s wrong with this presentation” but it has
to be said. And here it is “we could really create some Divine alchemy. If
EVERYONE could come from that one space…” OK this is the error and it
just must be said. NO, NO, NO . . .EVERYONE. . .does NOT have to COME FROM
THAT ONE SPACE. Isn’t that the whole point of the story. EVERYONE, must be
FREE and allowed to be FREE to come from whatever blessed space they darn
well choose. The only person who has to come from that ONE SPACE . . .is
YOU. YOU are the POWER of ONE. And it is not only not necessary to enrol or
somehow (impossibly) “get” everyone to come from whatever space. That’s
what the FAT controllers who have fucked and are fucking this planet have
been TRYING TO DO (without success) for aeons. Communism. Doesn’t work. And
every other ISM you can think of. BUT and here’s the thing . . .at the
smaller scale you’ve got a shot. and while you will never get everyone in a
COMMUNITY to be all doing the same thing, singing from the same song book,
so to speak . . .you can actually find a level of COHERENCE . . .in
COMMUNITY . . .that can indeed transform the WHOLE. I call it the
Evolutionary Living Fractal. Just sayin

M G says:

I think its funny how people disagree with you because they think they know
whats best. But if they look back in time.Its always the ones that are bat
shit nuts.”Nikola Tesla”. That solve our fucking issues.So that being
said.None of us have room to say whats right or wrong . until the time
comes That science backs it . Clearly this generation isn’t the one to
understand. I believe young people like you have a bright future if whats
to come . good day everybody . Keep Asking what if and lots can be achieved
. keep your bright ass star of an imagination/ Mind open .you’ll learn lots
in time

Major Mayhem says:

The universe is mathematics. I think Einstein says that…

PeTeR McnAlly says:

How could 21 people not like this production?
What’s the stats?

Ronald Letterman says:


You might possibly assist me on a project. It may at first sound untenable
but I believe possible. I’ve been listening to wonderful interpretations
of Phi into music and Torus CGI. I loved seeing your video, it felt good.
A question I’ve had for many years; What it would sound like recreating
a music, cymatic and CGI interpretations of what I call “The Meru Vortex”?
I held a model of physicist’s Stan Tenen re-discovered form; also known as
the source of ancient Hebrew “writing”. However, from my perspective as a
Mnemonician the symbols used as “writing” are simply and in fact “2D
Shadow-grams” of that model!!! Viewed as shadows Tenen reversed engineered
the first 26 “letters” of the book of Genesis. He created and re-discovered
a form, a mnemonic metaphor, which transforms into universal mathematics,
hence all life forms and matter as we know it. Of course I wonder; Who were
our ancient ancestors that had the omnificent intelligence to design such
an object and used it, sacred knowledge, to invent the mother of all
alphabets. What might that music sound like? What might the images
transform into?

Yarply Twelve says:

sounds like kabbala to me.

Richard Diptson says:

i dont agree with much of this however one point in particular is the part
when he speaks about cycles and harmony. if everything is connected as
stated, why is homeostasis left out? we live in a homeostatic environment.
The earth, local ecosystems and probably even space are all homeostatic
environments. In the human body it takes extreme stimuli to throw
homeostasis out balance. The last thing i wanna comment on is your diagram
i dont see it showing relations between anything i simply see an
illustration of how smaller systems can work inside larger systems not
really something to write home about. I am trying to be polite when i say
it just seems like you found some patterns in nature and are attaching
meaning to them. I am glad you can find meaning in nature but then again so
did the pagans, kabbalah, druids, and various other religions. You have my
love and prayers. 

sarethums says:

Can someone shed light on the but at 37:30?
Thank you 

oldsouldyingMTL says:

FirstRisingSoul…you are NOT one of them.


everybody know’s something but no1 react’s !(in practice) so what’s the
fkng point?(you know what’s funny of this grammatic’s is…..that there are
NO OTHER options…if you start over like 50x whit no all,! you
will come to the same conclusion each (fkng) time.!!!X!!! (idiots)(and what
if we know everything….then what???)(what’s next?)

Ingo Hellwege says:

if i see videos like this and read comments here… i know why there are
still people believing in god or believing in a flat earth… really
peeps… do you really believe in the stuff shown in this video?? really???
and you really think its “great” and “awesome” and “scientific”?? really?
hm hm hm…

Alberta Todman says:

Worth watching.
Its long and may take separate views. Its a “wake up call” for Geoff and I.

markmdublin says:

Whats all this a’boot then ehhhh?

shawn dixie says:

what came Frist the chicken or the egg???

Dizzi Nono says:

Big bang theory..speed of light theory.. Earth is billions year from a big
hot ball that is cooling down and much more.. it just don’t seen
right..come on we need way better undestanding than this.

Fred Jaminson says:

The dorky voice needs bass and slower.

Simon Richard says:

May be a little correction needed with terminology at 1.08.35+ Seem to have
the terms LEFT BRAINED and RIGHT BRAINED mixed up? Left Brained is
(counter-intuitively) the logical linear brain. The RIGHT BRAIN is the
intuitive feminine brain. FYi

butaicho says:

this is avery tough, complex idea that is really quite difficult to present
in such a short video, Thanks very much for the very well thought-out

Jason Velasco says:

Hi I would like the PDF to the books that you said you were going to put in
the description 


if all these ppl are realy smart, they would know,that trying to put you’r
idee’s in another 1ns brain,is pointless…exsactly the reason why you want
everybody to know(becuase you did not knew b4!)!!!X!!!(exuse my engles)

oldsouldyingMTL says:

Wow. There are some real scatterbrains out there.

Repus Yak says:

…Some of this material shared has some value. But more of…it’s just
another persons opinion!!

Derek derringer says:

Not everyone can be “open minded” good vid!

IvanKrsta says:

best video ever watched. 1:11:20 > dragon quest 8 opening . best video

LOl1rfs says:

Lappland is a part of Sweden.

Simon Richard says:

An excellent resource and outstanding presentation. Fills many gaps in what
people have been saying for years about Sacred Geometry. I have been
waiting for this. Thank you

Darkking Ice says:

2:30 song by Lindsey Stirling


change fkng name of scientists into plauzible caller’s…everything is
plauzible…there is a chance that maybe there is a 80 % chance that
everything is maybe plauzeble.!!!X!!!

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