The Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Rectangle and Architecture

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KZM KeramatZMode says:

most of my friends dont even know using this for design application.

so they just copy some famous building plans or forms from a work
compilation book, change some window placement and gets an A, 3.5+ GPA for
their semester. Way easier lol.

im stuck here with a C+ trying to go deep doing designs from scratch. life

Jason Lloyd says:

Cant view 5 other videos?

fabroc8 says:

I recently started following your channel, and there are so many cool
things I would like to know your opinion on, like a video on the work of
Gio Ponti (who made some really interesting houses here in Venezuela) or a
video on light and how to seize and play with it in the construction of

Salem Malibary says:

why i cant view the videos , it says it isnt available in my countery
(saudi arabia)

Stuart Gibbons says:

I would love for you to do a video about the relationship acoustics has
with architecture and its importance within the field.

christierella says:

Great video!

imwithstupid086 says:

Just two things I want to point out (trivial and perhaps pedantic, but

1.) The Fibonacci and golden spirals only approximate one another. They are
by no means the same. Construction of these spirals would show the clear
2.) One of Gustav Fechner’s biggest goals (indeed the end goal of a good
deal of his work) is to prove how plants have souls.

Aaron Fields says:

Pretty cool video. I’ve been subscribed to you for a while now, but
coincidentally In one of my classes this morning we went over the Fibonacci never ceases to amaze me

GrapevineDFW says:


Richard Rioja says:


Eyad Alkhayat says:

the golden point of the earth is Kaaba

scheven architect says:


yonzillaish says:

Why the heck I can not view any of your videos, this isn’t fair. Why
doesn’t it permit bulgarians? :/

WiZ-KiD says:

Teach us how to become architects without school!

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