the Enochian System of John Dee, session 1, section B, part 1

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this video introduces the historical background necessary for understanding the progenation of John Dee’s Enochian system of Theurgy into the world. This video covers the younger years of Elizabeth…


PeeteyP says:

I didn’t know “calculating” was a crime. Did that mean “divination?”

Paddy Theosophist says:

“the Book of Formation” & “the Book of Splendour” or the Zohar……..the
cornerstone of all occult tradition.

Goatboy1112 says:

It’s a good educational video to kill time with, although it is a little
dry. There could be more action, but the information is pretty sound i

Jake Mooshian says:

deːus eks ˈmaːkʰina

zipfreer says:

The doctrines of demons are dispensed through human agents. Although the
source is supernatural ,aka mediation channeling the means of seduction is
natural–occurring on the human level. The beginning phrase of can best be
translated “through the hypocrisy of men that speak lies.”We’re not talking
about the planet, we’re talking about the kosmos, the opposite of kosmosis
chaos. And there is an order in the world. There is a system in the world
that is run by Satan.

ahouseuponarock says:

this is good stuff. your voice is not very exciting though. sorry. I guess
that’s why more people haven’t watched. all and all, great series so far.
I’ll keep watching.

aquataerra says:

I’m not sure he was accused ‘falsely’ of necromancy as he seemed to have a
proclivity toward the occult anyway. That he was acquitted is no proof he
never did the ‘crime’. It may well have been friends in high places who
rescued him from prosecution.

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