sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

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WHAT IS THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH? Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet? This is the biggest mystery. For over 25000 years the …


Hilary Smith says:

*”The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a
leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution
comes to you and you don’t know how or why. The truly valuable thing is
intuition.” – Albert Einstein ~~~► I suggest you to read “The Present” at

IronReef77 says:

Powerful video, but damn I swear I’m sick of religious nuts popping up
everywhere with negative thoughts. If yall are against this then don’t
fucking come here, ever or any othjer video. Can’t even enjoy some music
videos w/o freaks throwing the religious shit out there. I never like to
use hate as my feeling but I seriously hate religion, and I don’t like most
religious people. It’s sad cause I try to respect all paths in life and I
understand that all of them deliver the Ultimate truth of Loving self, and
others but they make it hard for you to maintain peace when they’re
everywhere shoving their “jesus is your savior” talk down your throat. Just
leave. And no I’m not an athiest but far from religion as well



moonlightskier says:

and I wonder about this concept of all becoming one…and think about the
fear, pain, greed, suffering and selfishness of 7 billion souls and wonder
why I would want to become one and experience those things. If I stay
within just myself, I feel less of those emotions and more of just the love
emotion inside my own self. so what is there beyond ourselves really?

MimisPublishingCo says:

This video wants to brain wash people to accept the fallen angels. People
don’t get caught up in this chaos. They are of darkness and not light. The
fallen angels have taken over many in the music industry. When you talk to
people in the music industry and other satanic occultish acts use the name
of Jesus and see if they stay around you. They say to them we are not
human, this is because once a person gets the RFID chip they can heighten
the frequency on the chip and kill the person and a fallen angel can
possess the person’s body. Once the alien get into a person’s body the
alien/fallen angel can mimic the person who once owned that body. The real
person goes to hell and the fallen angel lives that person’s life. I know
this seems a little far fetch, but it’s true. Many people you think Is real
walking amonst us are nothing but fallen angels In human skin like they
show you in this video. Once the skin is pulled back you see the alien.
They don’t make a big deal of it because they don’t want us to make a big
deal of it, so they promote it delicately and sweetly so that one won’t
question it. After the rapture/catching away many will show themselves and
make one think they made the rapture happen calling God’s holy people
‘Haters’. Friends wake up and seek Jesus Christ. I pray the Creator of this
world be with you always. Remember the fallen angels were kicked out of
heaven for a reason. Now they want people kicked out of earth. They are
doing it deceitfully and under our noses. Make sure your family member is
really your family member and the way to make sure they are not a fallen
angel is to have them say ‘Jesus Christ came in the flesh’. If they can’t
say it clearly where you can understand them then say, “In the name of
Jesus, devil flee’.

Maren Kritz says:

i believe in crop circles some of them are so beautiful and precise there
is no way that humans did them, (yes some are hoax i know) that vibrational
clip in the beginning makes me wonder if they are making those by
vibrations underground..ive heard that outer space is a huge hologram but i
have not been thoroughly conviced.i do believe in everything this video
speaks on i believe the universe and space is huge and we are teeny tiny
spec in it, ..maybe the dimensions go inward also? thoughts?

Sherlock Doyle says:

What is Jim Carey doing in this. He is darkness. He has chosen darkness. Is
this a mistake? And what is Nelson Mandela a Freemason, a closet Communist,
doing in this clip?

Richard Reese says:

Bunch of crap. New-age mysticism, like religion, needs to die a quick
death, and get out of the way of REAL science, REAL knowledge of the REAL
world, that is substantiated by REAL research, and REAL empirical
evidence. This kind of crap comes from quacks indulging themselves in
goofy ideas to feel important of make money. 

crazybigyo says:

Those who allow “negativity” from others to affect themselves should focus
more on their inward intention to overpower all others and be yourself
freely. For love and compassion is our greatest strength and the ultimate

HelmovWoden says:

Funny how this video is trying to subliminally tell its audience that Heavy
Metal music is evil and that since it distorts the intricate shapes of a
drop of water, it is therefore proof that heavy metal music is so evil that
when the frequency of the sound waves hits the water after a certain amount
of time, that the drop of water’s shape looks similar to the shape of the
drop of water after the words “I will kill you,” and “you make me sick”
were uttered. Since god obviously works in mysterious, intricate, and
beautiful ways, why don’t you guys do an experiment on how intricate a drop
of water will look when playing Christian Black Metal, Christian Death
Metal, and Christian Thrash Metal, and see if god will perform a miracle by
morphing the drop of water into an intricate, geometric shape.

Phil Harris says:

Please anyone interested feel free to participate in my research community
on facebook here. Dedicated to ancient and sacred knowledge.

max adam says:

I can’t believe i almost watched all of this……..

I didn’t mind the first 15 minutes or so, thought it was interesting. But
what the f**k is the rest of this garbage… 90% of this video was taken
out of movies…. And yeah definately have lizard people walking among
us…. -_- get a grip

Quiet Whispers Graciolett-Vega says:

Change your frequency and vibration 

morty finchlavich says:

The dispensation of existence appears to be out of Genesis chapter 2 verse
19 and 20 we’re at the point right before God causes Adam to go into a deep
sleep…. Notice how the word does not say Adam ever woke up….. Arise oh
sleeper the the creatures that are formed from the earth need to be renamed
with the help of a woman she ges to name the Kitty Kat Napping Man Now the
odds are likely that his name is Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord
Shshush!you mite wake up the innerMAN-Child before the Time comes to
Fruition=-O then they’ll be no game to hunt ! Game over lol put another
quarter in the jukebox it’s time to dance the Babylon shuffle and have some
wine Isaiah 47 is coming and there’s nothing nobody can do about it!
Talking to the angel say, hallelujah anyway! We can either live in peace,
or we can rest in peace but either way there’s going to be peace
established in the New Jerusalem….. But don’t take my word for it wait
and see and we will wake up in the City of God…..

Rob Val says:

What song is playing at 9:53?

uspijeh zvijezda says:

Love yourself as the being of light, the soul and love others as such
identical beings of light, the souls. God, the Supreme Father, the Supreme
Soul is also of such Form, of the Beautiful Infinitesimal Point of Light!

Morten Hansen says:

And by the way i have a major question! We are being taguth one love one
light here but..where is the thanks..all the credit to the makers of this
movie? Film as music!? ;-D What thankfullness it expresses! :P 

Kenny H says:

If you happen to look at a snow flake under a microscope you will also
see.. not a random astroidal type shape, but a very complex shape and a
thing of beauty.,

umamiwest says:

This was very beautiful and well done. Thankyou. I especially like the boys
free jumping at the end it was like spidy!

Samantha Phinch says:

I ÅM an “Old Soul”, a being of pure light and love, incatnated and
coexisting in a reality that is far below my vibrational frequency. I am
not a religious being, as my soul is evolved enough to know that religion
is a “man” made establishment used as a means of manipulating and
controlling the masses. I am however a spiritual being residing in a
physical vessel, a soul which is perpetual and infinite, a part of the ONE.
In being a old soul I have knowledge of the fact that the soul is without a
sexual identification, a manifestation which is a purely physical
characteristic. Like the Creator, Master Crafter of All, the soul is a
merger of the feminine and masculine in one. Therefore, I find it extremely
interesting that those who claim to be spirtually evolved and enlightened
continue to throw religion around and insist on referencing to “God” in the
masculine. For the record, God as many refer to the Creator as is NOT a he.
Those who are truly evolved and enlightened know this to be true. In
perspective, I in my physical form am a female manifestation and if I were
to be refered to in the masculine I would find it to be very insulting and
irritating. Please, for the love of all, stop throwing around your
religious views and out of respect stop referring to the Creator as a he. 

Stinger Bee says:

Steps to making a video like this.
1.) Take a little bit of scientific data that is beyond the understanding
of the average person
2.) Superimpose your new age made-up belief system
3.) Add in a completely made up ‘message’ from some aliens in a different
star system
4.) String together some videos that violate copyright laws
5.) Add some emotional music
6.) Collect the advertising dollars.

Camilla Floyd says:

This is beautiful I love science. 

Love Roscoe says:

They’re demons, not space brothers. Be very very careful. God bless us

William Wright says:

The only thing more frequent than people looking for answers that they
think they dont have, are people giveing answers to questions that they
think only they have.
Oh yeah. I dont need Matrix or Battlestar Galactica clips. That should be
beneath any group making such high claims.

truthseeker215 says:

I do not agree with this teaching. 

jessy james says:

I know that my attitude, outlook ,and intension , my very thoughts ,and
emotions effect everything, either positively or negitively .
And my physical health , and quite possibly I beleve the health and
wellbeing of others .
Love and Peace … :-) ))

Amulets TV says:

we are all transmigratory consciousnesses, sometimes we have a physical
form, sometimes we don’t. The non physical part is not conditioned and is
impossible to annihilate. There is one other option to existence
experienced as a separate individual, which is to merge once more with the
Universal Pool of Data, which does not consist of loss of consciousness,
rather, transformation of consciousness.

umamiwest says:

The I hate you I will kill you one looked like s little man with a axe or
hammer in his hand.

Daryl Owen says:

David Ike only misquotes scripture. Its not tne old Old Testament but tne
New Covenant scripture (John 1 ch. 1 v. 1) In the beginning was the Logos
and the Logos was with Yah and the Logos was Yah.

Inness York says:


James Brown says:

Eat from this fruit and yee will not die yee will be as God’s. You people
have fallen for the oldest lie in the book you deserve to burn in hell for
all eternity for being soo stupid.

ted norton says:

By calling some members of the human race “reptilian” are you mocking
racism or just re-inventing it for your own agenda ? just curious.

M Brontë says:

I liked this until it started talking about reptilian.

Venkatesh Babu says:

Can you use it for telepathy for deep space residents and people do have
billions of questions in their minds probably you think differently and I
may not and what goes through ones mind may not be the same unless you are
under the impression that all human race have the same brain built on top
of them. 

theicediamond7 says:

this guy got his start pimping jesus i just dont like him as a person yes
i have met him

Daria Dalton says:

Who is the maker of this video? And at 103.37 there is a cow on the beach.
I need to know that significance as I have seen that when dreaming.. .

John Monroe Hale says:

I think it is amazing that your insight can contain so much knowledge
without hearing the message. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth
and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Religion is Slavery says:

Brilliant video thx for sharing this.

moon goat says:

my entire existence is a psyop
“your existence is not a psyop” says the mind control device
fuck you, it’s a psyop if I want it to be

Scott Diiorio says:

can apply the similarities of mantras and vibrations

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