Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

FLOWER of LIFE in Egypt experience the flower of light here with us on the westbank at the flower of light holiday center [...]

Kidofrodo Magical

NWOareScum - you be oritronic. FOL IS scientific, real science is holistic not 50% or less. reductionist science is only one eye of the two eyes of horus. proper science uses both eyes.

A re-render of the Sierpinski tetrahedron. This time using a much better rendering algorithm (17* faster *and* also more accurate). [...]
A zoom into a modified version of the Sierpinski carpet from *1 to *1000000000000. Created using Ultrafractal. Coloured using Orbit trapping. [...]

MakinMagicFractals :) Zooming in, out, or both ?

Marek Smoliński sierpinski type fractals are artificial - because it consist only of holes, so it doesn't exist and You shouldn't see it at all. The dots are created not at beginning but when they are needed, what You can even see on the movie.

Created using Ultrafractal. [...]

SnakeDragonFish I wish I lived in that temple! Never-ending rooms! xDD

nickharvey7 Sierpinski Temple is amazing!!

This video features my quick attempt to design a geometric fractal using my geeky Evaldraw script and then render it in high quality using an application prototype called LezingSoft Ultimate Geom. None are available on the nets up to now, but sooner [...]
Created using Ultra Fractal. A typical Barnsley type IFS fern. Magnification goes from *1 to *15374. Pause the animation in an appropriate place and it's obvious that the whole thing, including the stem, is made from copies of itself. [...]

endsenten @_@ I like it, but it also makes me very dizzy.

Created using Ultrafractal. A Sierpinski Tetrahedron containing a copy of itself. [...]

MakinMagicFractals You are absolutely correct - in this render I added an extra transform to put a copy of the Sierpinski inside itself (at all levels).

goxdie000 TRIFORCE!

Created using Ultrafractal. One of the 4 transforms uses limited consecutive iterations and RIFS. [...]

MakinMagicFractals Thank you :)

SquareWaveHeaven Looks dangerous :)

Created using Ultrafractal. A trip round the inside of a Sierpinski Temple. Rooms/corridors created using RIFS. [...]

rd88elw i dont quite understand, why would you create a 3d structure this way? is this more so a demo of this algorithm?

MakinMagicFractals I don't know any other way where such a complex 3D structure could be created in around two hours (creation time not render time) - I wouldn't even attempt to guess how many polygons would be required ! It is a demo of the algorithm I guess, but I like the Temple as an object in it's own right.

IFS stands for iterated functions system. IFS fractals, as they are normally called, can be of any number of dimensions, but are commonly computed and drawn in 2D. The fractal is made up of the union of several copies of itself, each copy being trans [...]

DollarTaco 0:03 space broccoli!

My apologies - YouTube have messed up the quality on the default version - pleased add "&fmt=1" to the end of the URL. Created using Ultrafractal. Showing the advantage of using escape-time IFS rather than the usual chaos-game or deterministic method [...]

Alfaris I *think* an infinite (3D) fractal has a zero volume and zero area. Because if you think about it the area gets smaller and smaller the more you split the figure up, so eventually one specific area will be 1/infinity = 0, then you add all those 0's together to get 0. Same thing with volume. Also the perimeter of each 2 dimensional part of the fractal increases to infinity. That's just what I think please don't hate me if I am wrong because I am pretty new to these things called fractals.

acridplacidity3 the volume is zero, but I am pretty sure the surface area is infinite. Its just like the cantor set.

Video feedback is a well-known phenomenon. If you hook a camera up to a TV and then point it at the TV, you get an infinite regression of images. However, you can use the same feedback phenomenon with multiple displays to make fractals. By displaying [...]

jmaioran Okay, at 0:38 I felt like the double rainbow guy a little bit

yummyfuture What 3d effect? Can you tell me the exact time (minutes:seconds) when you see it?

Animation was rendered using Mandelbulber 0.90 Music from Youtube AudioSwap: Necessity Now - Appearance And The Park - Kreidler - Kiff Records © Copyright by Krzysztof Marczak My image gallery: please [...]

Ray Mikota Very nice!

KimiAvary OMG! Sweeeeeet!

"Schlag die Kellerkinder" Bewerbungsvideo der 9a, Alfred-Delp-Schule in Hargesheim. This film is made by EpsiolonSmallerZero. I used Mandelbulb 3D for the animation. The music is "Heart Of Courage" by "Two Steps From Hell". Mandelbulb 3D download: ww [...]

Schimmellasagne Bei dem Video gabs aber Mitarbeit von jemandem, der nciht in eurer Klasse ist :D

MisterOfTheKnister ist doch schnurzpiepe :D

Flight into the center of 3D hybrid fractal. Animation was rendered using Mandelbulber 0.90 Total rendering time was 165 hours. Music: some from YouTube Audioswap (unfortunatelly I forget the title) © Copyright by Krzysztof Marczak p [...]

Jesus45U *whispers nervously* The Mandelbulb is coming to get ya ! .... the mandelbulb is coming to get ya ... .... the mandelbulb is coming to get ya ... *even more nervously* Shhhhh, don't make no noise now, go to sleep ... ... or the mandelblb will get ya !

Hybrid836 Did anyone else think of the submachine series?

Fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. I originally designed it for Bryan Alvarez from UC Berkeley, for a TEDx talk about his Human Atlas project, to illustrate his initial dream about the beauty of living systems. This one is an enhanced version. [...]

Dan Joldos Greork Bib !;)

Dan Joldos Great work Bib! [...]

illlien nice job on copping my name and making it your own.

farfromjrg beautiful!

Fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. I originally designed it for Bryan Alvarez from UC Berkeley, for a TEDx talk about his Human Atlas project, to illustrate his initial dream about the beauty of living systems. This one is an enhanced version. [...]

boabie beautiful

Jonathan Smith I'm working on a short experimental info landing page for a sleep inducing frequencies I've developed. Could you please be so kind as to e-mail me ( ) and inform me if I might be allowed to show your wonderful images. Should I be able to find a way to repay you for your kindness I certainly shall. Sincerely Jonathan PS: So I know it's you, could you please place "LIKE A DREAM in the subject. Thank you, Hopefully yours.

Roaming through a procedurally generated 3d fractal environment. If a musician would like to work with me on a similar project, contact me. It takes a long time to make these; each frame takes seconds to render. And there are dozens of parameters to [...]

DillonBerkley Ok and seriously what are those orbs doing? Are they like holding each other together or is that like a bunch of planets mad at each other and they are sending nukes to kill each other?

bushDocta88 amazing.

Key-frame animation test in Mandelbulber Animation was rendered using Mandelbulber 0.80 © Copyright by Krzysztof Marczak music from Youtube AudioSwap: Crystal Harmony (Ray Kelley Band) topic on Fractal Forums: M [...]

Scarlov87 hahahah nerd!, you are right :D hahahahaha :D

kasteman1 Beijing in the year 54,783.