Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

Please feel invited into Jain's home on this video, and see where his inspiration arises. In ancient Bharat (the original name for India) the whole realm of ... [...]

Mike Slice Damn did you make those glass bottle walls your self?

Mike Slice Nice crib

Octaeder - Octahedron - Sacred geometry - Heilige geometrie (Didy-Designs) [...]

Apollorion Hoezo is dit platonisch lichaam heilig? P.S. Als ik op vier niet tegen elkaar aan liggende zijvlakken van deze ocateder een perfect passende tetraeder (dwz de zijdes hebben dezelfde lengte) zou plakken, zou ik dan niet als totaal een tetraeder verkrijgen met een zijdelengte twee keer zo groot?

YuNaSweet amazing!

animated serie explaining and visualising the structure of the eternal being, the first principle and the creation of All. Simple figures and symbolic reflec... [...]

gentle deer just finished all three and was absolutely blown away! Wow - it really was so beautiful - thanks for your wonderful work and the upliftment to humanity.

Lucas Louwen thank you for your reply!

animated serie explaining and visualising the structure of the eternal being, the first principle and the creation of All. Simple figures and symbolic reflec... [...]

Edward Owens Just as sacred geometry is at THE CORE of understanding part of the puzzle that is life and being so is math and those things that arise from the expression of the core principles. If you take the words JESUS, JOSHUA, CROSS, GOSPEL, MESSIAH, JEWISH and use that system they all equal 444. There are others too. Now take the sacred geometric figure the 6 sided HEXAGON also 444 Also 444 figures in music, physics, and elsewhere. Now Pi is for circles and Sqroot 2 is for squares. Pi x Sqr2 = 4.44..

Lucas Louwen It is the Lotus sutra. you can find it under that name on youtube, namaste.

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FIRSTconcentrate What about 528? Or Beethoven?

χλόη ===Για το Πέτρο===

The Sound That Angels Dance To : 10 Minute Drug Free Psychedelic Trip : Sacred Geometry Binaural beats audio. Subscribe to our channel for more http://www.yo... [...]
From the debut record 'Reshape Reason' available here: or on iTunes here: http:... [...]

adam butchard 0:28-1:11 that harmonic hum in the background is just beautiful

Jake Yah the lack of breakdowns saddens me a bit. Thats one thing I really liked because they were actually good breakdowns :( Caves breakdown T.T

Charles Gilchrist introduces a root principle of Sacred Geometry, Concentric Circles. For more details on Sacred Geometry: go to our very expansive Sacred Ge... [...]

Ledge_pls because our schools do not teach.

lezvarthok Take the cross upside down, its still the cross. just as the sun goes up and down, the cross zodiac goes up and down, and the things we call evil go up side down all the time through history and even in the history of mythology. "Satanists" are human and cant be expressed to be the same, until the perspective gets nihilistic and call ALL HUMANS the same. Read the consequence. Decide for yourself. and think over progroms, Witchhunts,neros christhunt, or the act of hitler...

3D Fractal - "Inner World" by Jaime M Fractals: ATetraVS2 with _CelticMode + Julia on ---------------------------------- Music Track: "Brick City Love Song" ... [...]
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Gary Aaron to the dude with the tetrahedron as a avatar i have the same condition i could say a lot about enhanced pattern recognition i hope you like the experience i do the problem is shutting your shit off right i find if get good sleep and don't try to create any symbols (faces and the like) other than geometry and this kind of pattern it wont cause a break down research your condition my friend ventricles altered dopeamean (sorry about the spelling) re uptake pump and get this an expanding brain over time schizophrenia isn't what people think we are the fetus of evolution we are just information frequency hopping chaotically(but not randomly) almost like thought static think of cloud watching in a sand storm wile listening to a sea in one ear and nirvana in the other our senses cant focus on one ave-anew of interpretation so we make our own every one does it we just are really good at it ... my question is what is your art? you have must have something let me say something only a synistatic might understand the furry indigo spaghetti whip has a head ache when not sleeping in the diamond drome (wink) dude if you aren't bull shitting you hit the jack pot in evolution i mean .00001% it is just staying well adjusted you know? i hope you get this zac you are not alone~mliarrr

RosebudliasCabochons Visually beautiful but he audio is an immediate turn off I am afraid :(

Journey through a 3D fractal. Made with Mandelbulb3D. Soundtrack "nouvel ordre intestinal" courtesy of zzzzra 3D fractal videos: [...]
Fractal animation in Full HD 1080p made by Schizo - featuring fantastic music by Suduaya. Animation: done with Mandelbulb 3D V1.89 - ht... [...]

Amoena Starr 3D Fractal fly through...very beautiful..would love to give that a try...making them ♫

innerlocus Thinking you should slow it down, I tried every speed at 1080. But like reduction of a photograph dropping imperfection the fastest speed looked fantastic, thought you should know. Thanks, great work of art here.

Fractals - various artists 50 videos used. [...]

saltysee my god this is great. 10/10 ty for uploading

I am in the process of checking out a series of videos showing some very interesting experiments to promote what the author calls the Primer Fields Theory. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. [...]
Created with Visions Of Chaos [...]

dee07killer this is dumb, its not 3d if we are looking at it on a 3d screen, infact im guessing nobody who is gona watch this actually has a full 3d setup including the reciever, glasses and screen. if anybody wants to see a REAL 3d fractal go out and look at REALITY! Peace

kjlg74 These 3D fractal animations you're posting are excellent!

Created using Ultrafractal. My first fractal plant - I called it "Oddsel" because my mum said it reminded here of groundsel before I squashed it slightly for... [...]

MakinMagicFractals It's a 3D IFS fractal created using a formula I wrote for "Ultra Fractal", the formula is "3D IFS" in "mmf4.ufm" in the Ultrafractal formula database. It's using 3 transforms, one for the base of the stem, one for the first branch and the stem/branch are repeated/rotated by the third transform.

3D фрактал из неокуба (2052 dots) [...]

Nina Lehdorfer this has to be the coolest shape I have seen yet. well done!!!

Matt Scherf Fantastic! sierpinski triangle FTW!

Created with Visions Of Chaos [...]

DivergentMind I *love* it.