Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

Wallace Thornhill was invited to speak at Astrotas in October 2014 where he presented an overview of his life's work on the Electric Universe Theory - a unif... [...]

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This session will be an exploration of the edges of the Universe, and the edges of knowledge. There are things that we cannot in principle observe. Are there... [...]

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A brief introduction to some aspects of Plasma Cosmology, and the role electricity plays here on Earth. The fantastic 1hr documentary on Plasma Cosmology, "T... [...]
Randall Carlson of Sacred Geometry International is in Grimerica and will proceed to blow your mind wide open. Randall is a master builder and architectural ... [...]

cfapps7865 Grimerica Talks Ancient History, Sacred Geometry, and Climate Change with Randall Carlson

WHAT IS THE UNIVERSAL TRUTH? Why has this universal truth been hidden from the beings on this planet? This is the biggest mystery. For over 25000 years the ... [...]

Scott Diiorio can apply the similarities of mantras and vibrations

moon goat my entire existence is a psyop maybe "your existence is not a psyop" says the mind control device fuck you, it's a psyop if I want it to be

Hubble images are made, not born. Images must be woven together from the incoming data from the cameras, cleaned up and given colors that bring out features ... [...]

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Abdou Simpson Wooow amazing work ... The final result is just ... Awesome ...

We know the Milky Way is one among billions of galaxies, but Edwin Hubble was the first to prove our galaxy is not alone. A special kind of star, a "Cepheid ... [...]

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Music "The Sounds of Heaven" by Rafael Brom on iTunes Cosmotone Records / Cosmotone Music ... [...]


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First & Last photo by Cory Poole: Music is 'Koda - The Last Stand' from Silk Music... Listen: [...]

martin shervington One of the more difficult ideas to grasp in astronomy is the sheer scale of the cosmos. *NASA Has Released The Largest Picture Ever Taken* Have you seen the largest picture ever taken? For the record, it's a mammoth 1.5 billion pixel image (69,536 x 22,230) and requires about 4.3 GB disk space. Oh, and it'll take your breath away. On January 5, NASA released an image of the Andromeda galaxy, our closest galactic neighbour, captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The full image is made up of 411 Hubble images, takes you through a 100 million stars and travels over more than 40,000 light years. Well, a section of it anyway.

Утлук Ватсон Вы готовы увидеть самые большие фото в мире? Американское космическое агентство NASA сделало 411 уникальных снимков галактики Андромеды с помощью космического телескопа Хаббл. Ничего подобного ранее не было. Фотографии имеют размеры 69 536 на 22 230 пикселей, а в общей сложности это получается 1,5 млрд пикселей. Для сравнения - 8-мегапиксельной камерой обычного смартфона можно сделать фото размером 3264 раз 2448 пикселей, пишет Reflex.

Check this out !!! A simple like on Motionpicprduction would realy help me to support my photography projects.... [...]

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sail1948 How insignificant are we? This is scary.

Recorded in April 2013. To learn more about the #scimetaproject, visit, FB/, @scimetaproject Learn more about Jain, visit ... [...]
Vedic Mathemagic Introduction. [...]
Learn all about sacred geometry and mystical numerology in this video on numerical divination and new age symbolism. [...]
For more music by Push Pins go to Sound [...]
Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies There is no taste, no sound, no light and no color Our taste and sound receptors are impulse converters;... [...]

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Kim U sin Shock? This site saw heaven and hell It exists here ( 충격? 천국과 지옥이 여기 사이트 보니 진짜 있네 ( Choque? Este site viu o céu eo inferno Ele existe aqui ( Choque? Este sitio vio el cielo y el infierno Existe aquí ( صدمة؟ شهد هذا الموقع السماء والجحيم كان موجودا هنا ( 衝撃?天国と地獄がここのサイト見たら本当にあるのね( 震撼?这个网站看到天堂和地狱,在这里存在( Syok? Situs ini melihat surga dan neraka itu ada di sini ( Choc? Ce site a vu le ciel et l'enfer Il existe ici ( Welcome to the scientific revolution that will change everything. are you ready for the paradigm shift? Welcome to the scientific... [...]

Kris Vigfusson swing on the spiral of divinity.

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Dr Sarah Larsen is co-teaching with Sifu Rob Moses your sacred Geometry. We will have his amazing invention Physiosticks, a Divine Code DNA activation and my... [...]
The "Sacred Geometry DNA Activation" video is empowered with the 518hz DNA Repair Solfeggio frequency. For more ascension tools visit our website: http://www... [...]

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NEW DNA STRING DISCOVERIES. This shows how a DNA string can go from a long straight string to a helical string and then to a tighter coil and more discoverie... [...]

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Multidimensional tree of life Metatron Kaballah sacred geometry. [...]

Jadeintune the spin is harmonizing an energy and you can hear it through the camera.

Atelier Anátáná I use it as an etheric weaver .I wanted to make a tree-dimensional model for the tree of life , made this together with the help of Metatron looking over my shoulder