Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

Please visit: Steven Greer's blog: Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology Dr. Greer ... [...]

JimiJam74 Interesting talk.

JimiJam74 I haven't studied the Vedas, but based on Greer's descriptions it sounds like there is a lot of correlation with the 'Law Of One' material. It talks in quite precise terms this separation between the physical, regular 3D space/time, and the inverse time/space meta-physical realm where thought/intention/consciousness/spirit are primary. We exist and straddle both realms, possibilities to travel/move between them - meditation and dream-time for instance access this meta-physical reality.

Dr. James Schombert, University of Oregon Department of Physics Over 95% of the Universe is composed of a substance that is *not* made of baryons (i.e., norm... [...]
The Arcturians are from the ascended star system Arcturus. It is believed that the Arcturians are primarily responsible for the inter-dimensional communicati... [...]

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Brenda Angels Thank you so very much

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JoKeR16129 @zilvinho84 i think same like that and i believe that something awesome will happen, and i find myself gazing at the stars or sky for no reason too... :D

According to Stephen Skinner, the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein. Many forms ... [...]

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Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance: GoldRing High Resolution DVD's Now available at: Higher ... [...]

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Rafael Cunha Continua meu amigo tens uma boa equipe. Pensso que ira ajudar a Humanidade:) Namaste

This is a film trailer for an upcoming documentary, that explains the new scientific theory in Nassim Haramein's physics paper titled "Quantum Gravity and th... [...]
Building on Buckmister Fullers work with the the Isotropic Vector Matrix, Nassim Haramein has shown the importance of a 64 tetrahedron form ... [...]
I think this is the first video I ever watched of Nassim Haramein presenting the development of his understanding of the geometric foundations of reality. Its a great starting point ... [...]
Nice to hear Nassim talking again about his work on an energy device and other cosmic things that didnt really make it into the recent online Delegates program. [...]
A whole 90 min presentation by Nassim from ... quite a few years ago. Enjoy :-) [...]
Quod est inferius est sicut quod est superius That is above, similarly to that is below Fractal Cosmology is a self-similar cosmological paradigm. From subat... [...]

SlimD11 @D33veeoss Wow, deep stuff. There is truth to what you say friend.

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This theory was born out of a question the question was why is there beauty? There should be a scientific reason for the beautiful universal symmetry we see ... [...]

garouHH Physics and scantily-clad women. Now my life is complete.

Join James Peebles, one of the world's foremost cosmologists, as he explores the universe. Like fossils, thermal radiation carries information about the past... [...]

Petrhrabal yes, it is... if you imagine that you will soon be paying higher rent for your flat because of larger area :D lol

rickbryan3000 Or dump your 'mind' altogether... perceive directly as what you really are... a spirit... that HAS a mind and HAS a body... yet is NOT them.... yet creates both... welcome to eternity....

Observations of the Electric Universe fom ancient and modern History Originally posted by SoupDragon42 here: [...]

TheLovesoul1 hmm nice job bro keep it up buddy thanks.

andrew lines loving your work thanks for posting. when will they ever learn?

This talk by Wal Thornhill at the EU Workshop Nov 14-16, 2014 offers a compendium of the things that scientifically curious people need to know in order to s... [...]

Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I am going to watch it a second time, even. This is great. I appreciate you. Have a wonderful day!

Jeffery Pinley The question I have yet to see answered, is where the electric currents derive from. Electrons flowing into the sun, are converted to hear/light; changing from atomic particle to different form of energy. Often EU fans use the neon light as an example, yet forget one simple thing; the electrons powering the light blub derives from kinetic forces, ie power plants. So what creates and maintains the current flow?

Over the last year or so I have taken a great intrest in sacred geometry as part of my spiritual regimine.I find creating objects with three dimensional spat... [...]
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Julia76087 cool!

Ali Nayeri, Ph.D., is a member of the Center for Quantum Studies at Chapman University, and a faculty member in the university's Schmid College of Science an... [...]

Olga Safu String Cosmology- The Study of the Universe: Ali Nayeri at TEDxChapmanU #TEDlistening 

Ali Nayeri String Gas Cosmology- The Study of the Universe: Ali Nayeri at TEDxChapmanU انتظارات سرانجام به سررسيد. به نظرم چون مسوولان TEDx متوجه شده بودند موجى در راه است نخستين كليپ بارگذارى شده را به بانوى زيبارو اختصاص دادند و آخرينش را به من. اما از آنجا كه موج آغازيدن گرفته بود و حماسه در جريان،بالاخره كليپ من را هم در يوتيوب بارگزارى كردند. من اين سخنرانى و كليپ را به ندا و همه‌ى آزادانديشان ديگر تقديم مى‌كنم. بنابراين بر شما لازم است بلكه واجب است تا آن را با دوستان به شراكت (همان شير بچه‌هاى ايران) بگذاريد. تمام پويانمايى‌هاى اين سخنرانى، كار بسيار زيباى رامتين و آبتين عزيز است. از آن‌ها بسيار سپاس‌گزارم. پاسخ‌گوى پرسش‌هايتان در بخش كامنت‌ها خواهم بود.