Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

cabala sacred math sacred geometry sacred numbers intro hebrew torah god genesis hologram holographic 1.1 bible. [...]
Fractals are wonderful tools to generate numbers to use as pitches, durations, amplitudes, and other elements in musical composition because the numbers generate fascinating and complex patterns. [...]
MUR Naga Cuboid Sculpture Art by artist Garth Harvey In this video I display my new geometric scupture art made from clay. The Naga is a part of Hindu and Buddhist lore. Nagas are represented... [...]

Breanne Katherine Could stare at your artwork all day and feel fully satisfied in doing so, haha - great work Francesca, love it!!

N Sweeney Its great!!! really love this piece. very connected, beautiful stuff. It's always a joy to watch you describe your work. Much Love

MashUp Contemporary Dance Company Presents: The Art of Geometry Saturday June 14th El Portal Theater North Hollywood LA Saturday July 12th Manhattan Movement Theater NY Get tickets for LA ... [...]

Efren Corado Beauty! You must have a clear reference to the Laban work aswell as rue concepts developed by Forsythe. Beautiful dancer, very clear spatial tension

Join the sweepstakes and see all the geometry models at Like the Flower of Life, Metatrons Cube is an important traditional Sacred Geometry... [...]
Shi Meilin performs sword form at demo in Putuoshan 2007. [...]

Phillip Biddick hi warren james anderson

Wu Taiji Have a great journey back home from Shanghai.


Ron Villejo Chi is life force and universal energy. T'ai Chi or Qigong cultivates, circulates and releases it. 

Jesse Tsao practices Old Frame Chen Tai Chi Yilu Single Whip and Xie-xing in Del Mar, San Diego. [...]

Drakula5 clearly rafinated movements - excellent levels of mastery. I have 25 DVDs by master Tsao - they are true help for those livinf far abrpad! Thanks!

The tai chi弸勁(Peng jin)Peng power (Peng energy) explained in the mystical dimension of Yi Jing 易經.(All copyrights reserved) This movie introduces a Yi Jing's trigram-oriented interpretat... [...]

Star Tao Thanks !

In this video I explain where to place your tongue in tai chi. [...]

Todd Sloan Nice.

intuitiveworker "the whole time you are doing Tai Chi, your tougue should be on the roof of your mouth" the same place as when you finish saying the word "LET"

Created using Mandelbulber. [...]

KenYaptrick Cool. Whats the soundtrack?

Rachel Howe Nice steering! I think the negative-scale Mandelbox with spherical folding might be my new favourite.

In mathematics, the mandelbox is a fractal with a boxlike shape found by Tom Lowe in 2010. I use GPU for real-time rendering such structures. See for more information.... [...]

kosiak10851 Идея спизжена

Fly through various Mandelbox fractals. I created these Mandelbox flights using a raytracer I wrote years ago (but with relatively recent Mandelbox additions). There is some aliasing, and... [...] [...]

Twilight Sparkle i guess it must be impressive, but i got no way to check...

ophello It's impossible to view this. You should reverse the left and right frames to allow for cross-eye viewing.

A Mandelbox fractal movie, generated with CUDA. [...]
Fractal rendered by teamfresh @ Audio is 'keep it in the family' by Hybrid. Get Free Bitcoins Every Hour Here love... [...]

skulleeman Very impressive. Thanks for taking the time to set up/render this.

Joyce Joseph Great animation!

The third part in a video series on the skills you will learn, and some things you should know about in our new Combat Tai Chi program. [...]

sallah098 man I love your videos they are amazing and needs more attention.

Stephan Moratti Thanks for sharing. I am training Tai Chi Chuan myself and I am happy to see that there are many others approaching it as an martial arts.

Rendered with custom fasm program on i7-2600 - computed at 2560x1440 with each frame taking between 4 and 10 second to render. [...]

Salvador Escobedo Simplemente espectacular.