Hubble Space Telescope Journey to Galaxies, Universe, Nebulas and Stars with the Sounds of Heaven

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Durga Dhakal says:


frosty gossip says:

what the flip does religion have to do with science? oh hang on…..the
hubble photographed him—-pathetic

Adan Bernardino (Baby Bull) Pro Boxer.. says:

What a beauty! It’s something that can’t have an answer. How was crated.
And why.

acfacf4321 says:

@nightverse Just understand that these amazing images of the universe are a
direct result of the incredibly hard work of scientists… in spite of
religious superstition, NOT because of it.

Cole Sites says:

Does anyone else see the face at 2:42?

whyhatestrangers says:

i loved the video, right up until the very end when i was confronted with
jesus. 5 stars anyway cuz I got nothing against religion, but honestly it
kinda made the end bitter-sweet.

BlackBeardDelight187 says:

@nightverse Zeus will not be impressed

vengencefrom1979 says:

@hich101 ummmm, yeah, right. that was right after the story of adam and eve

davetileguy says:

@vengencefrom1979 คลิป » ผลการค้นหา คลิป you bore me.bye bye

Kim Jong Un says:

@Mirozenx They are enormous clouds of gas and dust. They can be anything
from planetary nebulae to super nova remnants. They can be several light
years across.

nightverse says:

In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, Which [is] as a bridegroom
coming out of his chamber, [and] rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.
His going forth [is] from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto the
ends of it: and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof. Psalm 19:1-6

Trimek Montra says:



The universe is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen it is the
greatest of artwork on the grandest of skales i cant believe that it just
poof and happened who in their right mind would.

davetileguy says:

@vengencefrom1979 คลิป » ผลการค้นหา คลิป

Weather Hunter Sabah says:

very nice video

MattyIce008 says:

sketchy O.o

yahgulanaas says:

great images of space but an unfortunate collapse into human centrics at
the end

Binary Day says:

yes i know.. hmm so one way science can agree with the church is how
everything all got created from nothing.. tho of course its jus a theory
and some ppl with education in maths blah blah etc etc believe it, so it
must be true.. um theory.. of course any theory using the big bang as its
‘maths’ bases.. can only ever also be a theory.. personally i’m impressed
we have the technology to build tools to explore the universe.. as to all
the what ifs.. religious science and etc.. sci~fi ^.~ lol

chillipeanuts says:

@vengencefrom1979 he must have had a brain wave after touching some choir

hich101 says:

@vengencefrom1979 thats in there too

emzirek says:

That was and is insanely large. Can’t wait to see it in person. All of it!!
Get right with God so you can too!!

SweetSerene says:

@vengencefrom1979 Did you know that the truth about the universe, earth and
all that is in them has been revealed to us and that many are just
unwilling to accept it?

british123able says:

i can make out pictures with some of these galaxys and nebula

עידן כהן says:

put this vid on 720p or get it fuck out of here!

iin sodikin says:

allahu akbar!!!!

rockerresident says:

i like how u put those images at the end

Binary Day says:

jus think of all those years of life becoming aware of itself, questioning,
building tools to discover truths.. and how our generation can gaze at the
wonders of the universe,, can imagine huge galaxies energy.. we know what
the sun is, and its place in the universe.. even of the lifeforms on this
planet only a small percentage can understand the data.. thank us for
evolution hmm and ppl seeking knowledge.. ^^

Trimek Montra says:


TheMsBeautiful101 says:

@gyrex You’re the freak of nature.

davetileguy says:

@vengencefrom1979 คลิป » ผลการค้นหา คลิป you bore me bye bye!

gangsta gaza says:

Just remember you ain’t no Gaza you ain’t no Thorough Nigga you ain’t no
Egypt Thug

rwtfallenjf25132 says:

or u could get a telescope either way lol

TKTRV says:

Google THE ANGEL LOOKAGAIN EXPOSES John Joseph O’Brien :-)

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