How To Draw Fractals – Golden Ratio Star Pattern – Sacred Geometry Tutorial

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Buy This Colorsheet: In this video tutorial I am going to show you how to draw a fractal 5 symmetry pattern that grows…


sariig says:

Are you from the Netherlands ? I noticed the part that said “titeltekst
hier” XD , anyway you make some awesome art :) 

Don Mario says:

if you can read this your channel is amazing i hope it grow more

love and respect

Ovidiu Dan says:

Science art is taught in school. I’m an industrial design student and we
have this subject called “The Study of Shapes in Design” so I was watching
your tutorial and wanted you to know this, and that your work is truly

Alena Light says:

Thanks a lot for this division of a circle in to 5 sections approach!
I stick to 3, 6, 12 axis lately (:

Anime Angel says:

When I try to make the five circles at the beginning, something goes wrong.
The circles don’t line up right 

Travis Last says:

I have a question about the video – Why does it start with you drawing 6
circle’s but then you cut out a patern with only 5 circles??


Jeff Hamilton says:

…looking forward to more golden ratio – enjoyed repeating this project as
a way of getting my hand back into it. keep up the fun work

kimbrellastudio says:

So cool! Love it ;-) 

נורית רווה says:

Absolutely beautiful and inspiring artwork, Dearing!

: )

Jim Roy says:

amazing stuff

нах хус says:

А что за музыка играет?Скажите пожалуйста.Буду признателен.

Manoj Mathew says:


Feras Hamido says:




SpiritStones Creative Crafts says:


Diana Von Ancken says:

Love it

Eli Razo says:

Love it I’m Tryin to find all the connections in shape an polygons so far
pentagon hexigon inhale .exhale of square . Then circle in side out me
it means da pattern of all creation

jinas mohamed says:

great job Mr.Dearing Wang

David Hannah says:


Qeni Arbarhzerohrhoht says:

To bisect a chord on the circle, ye could just intersect it at rightangles,
with a segment from the centre to the edge [of the disc.]

XXIst Spartan says:

I suggest you do something about the lighting in general. It’s kind of

Dylan Drennan says:

Is it possible to make other variations of this fractal using the golden
ration but not a star? for example the repeating shape being something
different? I have greatly enjoyed your videos, they’re simply great.
Looking to expand some ideas based of this video.

Diana Von Ancken says:

Have you got the sizes for the small circles you cut out and then the big
circle for the golden Ratio pattern. 

watch says:

Ben je Nederlands?

aBBas g97' Channel says:

Awesome job :-) 

chirag kotak says:

Awesome !! :)

do You have any videos showing how to draw a Sunflower golden ratio spiral
pattern ?

jake dronzeuski says:

I drew one of these! Came out nice and a lot of people love it and my mom
wants want in a frame for mothers day! Thank you and subbed :) 

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