Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner

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A fractal zoom on a mandelbrot set, finishing on a dendrite area. Made using XaoS (freeware program) Music: Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks – Timefreeze (free on…


Love Summer Daimonds says:
adolfo tapia gallardo says:

es increible asombroso magnifico GRACIAS Gaurav Vohra

РИРНИЯпрфымч says:

Putin cool man so mach

James Conway says:

I remember when the song use to be Theme by Jon Brion. Before youtube made
him change it. Damn I feel old.

BarbaraMerry Geng says:

Marvelous beyond words

fidel santos says:

DNA of the universe…..

Keaton Immekus says:

You should do a deeper zoom to capture more self similarity.

Luke White says:

would be cool reversed

Luke Beauchamp says:


Nick StandardAI says:

i like dis here video

wisbetwilsion says:

I have a sense of vomiting while watching this video.

laurence simenot says:

De l’enchantement véritablement durable avec les fractales…
Belle journée dans l’harmonie et la paix… sur la Terre ! Laurence

Michael Kamrath says:


Dylan Wright says:

Omg Lyachos I was sayin that like 7 hours ago man. This shit is a key to
something even bigger then us

Coin McMoney says:

how do you zoom in so far? when i use xaos, i try to zoom in that far and
then it becomes pixelixed.

3OVERdue says:

Good job! Fractals rock!

stylemasterrr says:

This is english you moron, we use apostrophes, not periods for
conjunctions. LOL! doesn’t feel good does it?

Will Humphreys says:

:O I’m going to lie down now

flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! says:


Cameron McIsaac says:

The cool instrument in the music is a hang drum btw people :)

Matt Johnson says:

fractals is like little indents that cant be measured the closer you look
into it the more indent you will see and it just keeps going on forever
Infinite. like measure land on map

Chase Morgan says:

mysticism? Im pretty sure thats math.

Metastate12 says:

I think the render needs more iterations.

flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! says:

given these books, it is our duty to practice going even beyond the word
of the law in terms of morality, lest we fall snare to the spiritual law
which is unwritten, but understand this, the original torah did not include
this it was added later, by a trickster spirit, to restore out gnostic
connection our prophetic connection to God

Ha0rz0rd Tech says:

if you think about it life is a just a fractal, and we are apart of a
fractal of something alot beiiger than use, just imagine at the end of this
video how much it zooms in, and imagine that could be us, the smallest of
something greater.

flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! says:

ultima ascension

flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! says:

its not MK ULTRA its MLK ART U (kabbalah)

Driximus Maximus says:

I realize I did say layman’s terms, but I was hoping for a slightly more
scientific answer. :)

flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! says:


hagglefaen says:

asshole at 0:24

ricanthill says:

Brilliant, thanks for Uyputting this up. The power of complex numbers muah
ha ha ha!

Dee Vonnell says:

Man, fractals are attracting the usual bunch of drop outs these days, not
you mate, but the self medicating Zen crowd :)

Yung Craze says:

Created a new mini universe !


hello gaurav beautiful this video: Fractal Zoom Mandelbrot Corner nice job
very well taken I congratulate you happy new year 2013 friendly michel

thatguyuknow1 says:

It’s amazing how much we can see in so little

Patricia Hagemann says:

:) I am just a simple person that loves the Lord, not a “church building”
lol. and that is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. lol

Crazy Grape says:

1:30 Balls

MrAnguswangus says:

Damn, where’s my old bong when I need it? The mere exsistance of the finite
is proof in itself for the infinite. To go along with that, it only makes
sense that the infinite is cloaked from a finite perspective. But math
gives us a puppet show of sorts into the world of the infinite.

Topo obZen says:

This is the mandelbrot set you moron, doesn.t have another layer

pcred567 says:


TheZacdes says:

Go to “mandelbrot fractal generator” to make your own, its very simple to
learn, colour control, and just explore the depths of the set[infinite].
Print out posters of your favorites, upload them to the gallery:). Mine are
in the new fractal part of the gallery]! Took two days of playing around to
create these, and more:)

Deepa Isaac says:

wow, awesome

Driximus Maximus says:

Can someone please explain what I was looking at? (In layman’s terms.)

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