Enochian Call 1 Paul Intoning Angelic Tongue & Jane Reciting English

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Enochian, or Angelic Tongue spoken together with an English version of the Second Call or Key from the system of Angelic communication recorded by Dr. John Dee & Edward Kelly.


nebetet says:

Heared it before: a fly caught in a curtain, just speed it up.

Jack Habanero says:

Next time it does happen just start talking to who you wish with your mind,
ask your questions, you’ll get instant understanding if not outright

ron stoppable says:

when i was under the influence of a substance i went into a kind of coma
world and saw beings that appeared to have a fluorescent glow , not
humanoid , shaped like tadpoles and they spoke words to me which i think
may have been enochian , but im not sure completely , the words sounded
like “umn sen um du num” , i dont know if thats exactly it but can u help
me if u know any words similar to this in enochian , it happened 100′s of
times and always the same words spoken to me in this other world

PucksPortal says:

It is what it is and it does what it does Thank u 4 taking the time to
comment Puck

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