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Learn and practice these math tricks and you will be able to do calculate and solve math questions in a matter of seconds. You will be proud of your own Math... [...]
View full lesson: There is more than one way to reach a correct answer in mathematics. Vedi... [...]

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Jessie Carty I'm not a math person, but I agree with many of the comments: in the grand scheme of learning math is this helpful?

Director: K.Jagjivan Ram Year: 2000 The film speak about "Vedic Mathematics" ancient Indian Science derived from the Vedas. The film also tells about the adv... [...]
Enter the fascinating world of Magic Squares. VSR explains how to create magic squares in few seconds using Vedic Mathematics. [...]

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Vedic Maths Documentary featuring Doon School, the Shankaracharya and The Vedic Maths Forum India. Vedic Maths is one of the fastest calculation system in the world having roots in India [...]

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In This video, renowned Vedic Mathematician and Mind Power expert Mr. Dhaval Bathia (aka Dhaval Bhatia) shows how calculations can be made easy using the various formulae given in his course 'The Magic Of Vedic Maths.' For info. log on to www.shop24s [...]

dharshan97 this is really great kit i just bought it and i recieved it just today i had look at it it has so good methods to do things so easily i am 12 and i think this kit could give me alot of power to work things out quickly thanks it really helping

Visit for more Vedic math resources or visit Finding the digit sum of a number is a helpful tool in checking the answer to arithmetic operations in Vedic math. This math video also covers a short cut, called "c [...]
Learn how to perform 2 digit multiplication quickly and easily using Vedic Math. This Mental Math Technique uses Nikhilam Method. Once you understand this method you HAVE TO practice it in your mind - No pen and paper needed. [...]

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This session will help you in understanding the various shortcuts for doing big calculation.You can easily find the squares of large using simple techniques of Vedic Maths. These techniques can be applied to clear various aptitude based competitive e [...]

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A clip from "A Better World With Mitchell J. Rabin" featuring Jain, teacher of Vedic Mathematics For More Information Please Visit... Our Website Our Myspace http [...]

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Visit for more Vedic math infor or visit for a collection of math resources. Discover the amazing patterns in the 9 point Vedic math circle. Unveil some of the patterns that will simplify calculations beyond you [...]
Vedic mathematics always brings smile on your face. Watch this video to understand how mesmerising vedic math is!!! Here, VSR explains some of the world's fastest methods! [...]

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Vedic Maths makes mathematics as magic. Watch this video explained by VSR to realize that. Learn maths with smile. [...]

gigiontube When yo have more 9's than the number of digits in the first number [your example 52] you just copy those extra nine's to the result before starting to do the subtraction from 9's. Examples; 52*999 -> 51 [52-1] 9 [one extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 51948 52*9999 -> 51 [52-1] 99 [two extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 519948 52*99999 -> 51 [52-1] 999 [three extra 9] 48 [99-51] so the result is => 5199948

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You can find the cube roots of perfect cubes in just 2 seconds. It is done by using Vedic Mathematics, world's simplest and fastest mathematics. VSR explains how....? [...]

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One day on YouTube, Alex Bellos saw a video of an amazing mathematical "trick". He wanted to know more about this 'Vedic Mathematics', so he got on a plane to India. This is a lecture about his journey that touched on mathematics, mysticism, Indian h [...]

Rahu VV VEDIC MATHEMATICS is thousands of years even predates are talking abt 19th century has nothing to do with vedas.algebra,geometry,trignometry,place value,decimal system,value of PI,speed of light even pythogoras thm was all calculated before you europeans even learnt to speak.even english words come from sanskrit.we invented astrology,astronomy,medicine,rocketry,cosmic science &much more This is a false elboration and he's not even a mathematician to study vedas.

Rahu VV much of the science such as pythogoras thm were stolen & named after them by europeans.takhashila was the first university of the world where all subjects were taught.forieghners from all over the world went there to learn.even science of planes (vimanas)which the wright brothers claim theirs is mentioned in vedas.navigation(navgath) is also mentioned.we can go on & on..even most of stupid hindus dont know abt these facts..any1 can search abt these facts & try to prove me wrong.i dare you.