Not long to go now till the end of time as we know it. At very least I hope it will be an acceleration of the conscious evolution of humanity... because if we do not evolve beyond the patterns of fear and greed that we have been historically caught [...]
Astrozone 10440 Paul Moss mayan 2012 galactic plane crossing www.paulmoss.co In the early years of the 1990's it was noticed by several individuals, apparently independent of one another, that during the next few years ahead, there would occur an int [...]
Terence McKenna, 2012 and the Galactic Center What is the Galactic Alignment alignment2012.com "The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise c [...]

bradalexander1 The thing that you haven't taken into consideration is that as we get closer and closer to the center of our spiral galaxy EVERYTHING speeds up!! Faster & faster the closer you get, you can't track time the same way we do now with it doing that! Just thought I'd share this HUGE factor that your not considering....

dcsymbols "we get closer and closer to the center of our spiral galaxy" We are NOT getting closer to the center of the galaxy. Plus it is 25-28 thousand light years away. It would take light 25,000 years to get there. That is nonsense. You are right, I'm NOT considering that nonsense. That has nothing to do with what I am saying at all.

Thoughtful comments are welcome. Uncivil comments are deleted. Thank you. The 2012 alignment: The easiest thing to do is disregard it, ignore it. That's one choice. But with all the confluence of predictions, with all the interesting events occurring [...]

SeisTornamesas What you don't know is that in Dec. 21st. (nobody nows the time) when the sun, Earth AND Planet X aligns with the supermassive black hole at the center of the Galaxy, a powerfull gama ray burst, following physics laws that we don't know yet, will travel instantly from that black hole right trough the earth, frying all us up. The only way to stop that is aligning ourselves as human beings in pure willingness, which is impossible (because of the psychopaths and fanatic religious people)

87Stecat Be at peace but nothing will happen, it's nice to be nice :)

2008 News By Scientists: Between year 2008 - 2012 ( 2015 ) , there will be Galactic Alignment of our Solar system with the Central of the Milky Way ... Will the LHC Detector make a gravitation influence with this Galactic plane ? " The polar shift of [...]
We are in a 25 year period of transition which was initiated with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. We are in the final 2 years of this transition period, in which we are expected to raise our vibration so exponentially that we are unrecognisable as [...]
Answers for the December 21 2012 end of the world theory that Galactic Alignment will bring doom and or enlightenment on earth. www.endoftheworld2012.net [...]

jakiethelegend I was talking to all the people saying the world was gonna end because of it not you :)

2012Answers thanks.

Will December 21, 2012 be the end of the world, or just an average Winter solstice? Will the Earth, the Solar System and the center of the Milky Way Galaxy align causing gravity from the black hole at the center of the galaxy to eradicate the Earth? [...]

Baronstone You also forgot that this has happened many MANY times in earths history and infact its happened many times in the history of man since humans have been on the planet for about 2.5 million years. Nothing special happens at ALL!

LetoZeth You have no proof that nothing special happens at all. Gravity will shift thou, that's one thing that's for sure, and when that happens, depending on how quickly it shifts, damages will occur on the planet. Currently, we're being dragged towards the center, gaining speed, after 2012, we'll be shooting away from the center, losing speed. Nothing that should end the world, or humanity thou.

Pleiadian-Sirian Council: 'Dear Earth beings, we encourage you to TAKE TIME OUT on this one day. Understanding that this very planetary alignment, combined with the lunar eclipse, so soon after your Solstice -- this is an opportunity, one such as Har [...]
This is the March 2011 Meeting of the Orange County Astronomers at Chapman University. Dr Krupp is the Director of the Griffith Observatory. According to the rules of the Maya calendar system, which relied on multiple cycles of time, a primary interv [...]

vicenteroj I like how positive this guy is. I like that he does not need scare tactics for people to listen to him. E. C. Krupp is a really great person for stepping up and setting the record straight. I would love to see this speech live, I can't lie.

masterion What was presented here may be true but it was hard to listen to presented in such a mocking and arrogant tone...

bit.ly Jeremy Crow explains the basic concept behind the Galactic Alignment of 2012. The "Long Count" calendar of the ancient Maya people. The Mayan calendar keeps track of when the entire solar system makes a full rotation around the centre of our g [...]

ynumikol No

Jeremy Crow What are you saying "No" about? I don't think my video wasn't asking any questions.

A unique way to understand and visualise the December solstice Galactic Alignment that has been associated with 2012, the end date of the Mayan calendar. I began 2012 by giving my "2012 Galactic Alignment" workshop at the "Confest" (NSW, Australia). [...]

jasmineestar528 Hi Paul, Thanks for explaining the alignment. Have you looked at the ELENIN utube videos yet? Appreciate your take on these supposed upcoming events.

TheSongbuddha Thank You very much....

Another look at the 'Other' 2012 Galactic Alignments with Starry Night Pro. Will Earth pass through the galactic plane in 2012? - "Scientific studies indicate that the solar system lies several dozen light-years north of the galactic plane. What's mo [...]

isabstmr Dang! I was hoping not to pay my taxes. What do you think? Do you think the sun will produce a kill shot? Good research.

ladycress thanks

This is the first of 3 parts from a 3 CD set published by John Major Jenkins for those who want to understand the facts and astronomical wisdom of the Ancients behind the 2012 December solstice date, the precession of the equinoxes, and the "end of t [...]

shamanizing Hi Donna. Beautiful message. Hope all is well. Many blessings

Stonefactor Nice, Check out Santos Bonacci.

May 10, 2012 — Researchers have uncovered a remarkably well-preserved Maya mural and calendar markings that add perspective on Maya thinking. National Geographic Society grantee William Saturno and his team uncovered the artwork in what was either [...]

LIBERTYALONE All the better reason to vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!

oLazid oh my god, yes. What a find!

The Long Count Calendar of the ancient Maya. How the calendar is structured and harmonised to the 21 December 2012 Winter Solstice date. And how it appears to have been created to track conjunction cycles involving the Earth, Mercury, Venus and Jupit [...]
In the late 19th century, Ernst Forstemann works out the many cycles of the Maya calendar. This is one of 8 scenes available on YouTube from the 2-hour documentary film Breaking the Maya Code, a 400-year history of the Maya decipherment that has won [...]

joey143anna i think a mayan priest forgot to oil it.

deathrall2 @joey143anna XD

The Torah codes agree that we are reaching a very significant time. What exactly will happen? Believers and non believers will be surprised. The date we are approaching has played a major role in the US presidential elections, Iran vs. US and now in [...]


afergone Thank you so much for this message/video, I have been racking my brain over what to believe and I think I know now that there is no other makers"true creator" other than the master of the universe, I was wondering if they would use a saving humanity type event to actually destroy humanity. People are going to be so scared when they realize that entities are going to be arriving on earth very soon to decieve even the elite.

Nederlandse ondertiteling. Dutch subs. **Howto remove subtitles, hit 'cc' in bottom right screen.** This 3 hour DVD is a presentation based on Dr. Calleman's breakthrough discoveries of the structure of the Mayan Calendar as it relates to the Evoluti [...]

CT2507 consciousness can never be, "being aware that one is aware". u can't define consciousness like that. that is just a faculty that we have. consciousness is not a faculty, but an ocean of "something" that includes daily consciousness, sub-consciousness, and perhaps even super-consciousness. being aware, growing in awareness can bring u to super-consciousness. but these two are not the same. this man doesn't know what he is talking about. on to the next video...

Bellus Deus i don't know about all of this, he says that the calendar is an evil system that is here to control us, well i agree, but then he adds to his theories the evolution theorie, which to me is also a tool to control humans.. so i don't know maybe he is just an illuminati agent or whatever.. you know to confuse those who are trying to learn how to live outside the system..

www.StarKnowledgeConference.com To order passes or Livestream to Phoenix Star Knowledge Conference www.starknowledgeconference.com Chief Golden Light Eagle will host many Chiefs, medicine people, and wisdom keepers will share at the next Star Knowled [...]

leonidus0221 good interview. thanks for posting.

sk8boardn101 BUT the calalnders never counted the LEAP YEAR so the world should have technically ended already