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This is a film trailer for an upcoming documentary, that explains the new scientific theory in Nassim Haramein's physics paper titled "Quantum Gravity and th... [...]
Building on Buckmister Fullers work with the the Isotropic Vector Matrix, Nassim Haramein has shown the importance of a 64 tetrahedron form ... [...]
I think this is the first video I ever watched of Nassim Haramein presenting the development of his understanding of the geometric foundations of reality. Its a great starting point ... [...]
Nice to hear Nassim talking again about his work on an energy device and other cosmic things that didnt really make it into the recent online Delegates program. [...]
A whole 90 min presentation by Nassim from ... quite a few years ago. Enjoy :-) [...]
DNA Fingerprint of God unseen forces science physics mysteries solved revealed mind over matter spirit world sound light universe history truth earth mysteri... [...]

DarkCrystal1960 Thank you for confirming what has already been inside of me.....I am not crazy!!! :D

It happened july 10- 2011. We talked about the structure of the vacuum and how he found the gap between science and spirituality. It is a very, very interest... [...]

Win Fiandaca Take the Time to go to the Center of your existence ... that's where Peace and Joy come from. We discover who you really are. Some of the misconception have have had will be expended. We remember our essence. It starts inside us. Inovation comes from within us and we bring it out ...

njbrakeless what we call matter or mass the rest is infinite desity

One World Puja Network Show - June 28th, 2013 - Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer - THE PROMISE OF NEW ENERGY Guest: Nassim Haramein Dr. Greer is joined by... [...]

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Otori Springer nice  .. thx 4 sharing

Teoría de los fractal holográfica del Universo, de Nassim Haramein Conferencia completa de NEXUS de julio del 2010 en Australia. [...]

vchugani9 The link doesn´t work...

vchugani9 Now works!

Help us caption and translate this video on [...]
I can't stress enough the importance of this video....won't say anything else. [...]

HollywoodNorthProdtm NO Recording....JOKE...EVEN THE STONES are talking. First mistake in three of his film clips....He looks tired here. Forgivness.

Isa Sergio its not a comet on the 2nd picture its a solar flare or eruption pushing away their ship the eruption is caused bij the ship on the left


hazelentertainment20 Thankyou for putting up a version which shows the end!

Im118ish yes a full copy!! wish i knew why soo many other versions cut out the knights templar ect...missing over an hour of presentation is unacceptable!!

All rights belong to their respective owners. This video is intended for educational purposes only. If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciti... [...]

rawmo Lay it out and help people think in new ways, we are all 1 thank you Nassim

aquapurity Amazing and profound.

Nassim joins a few "dots" on his 3d model of the universe, linking the micro to the macro. [...]

John Shiva That's so cool!

RoguePenguinScotland Nassim takes a lot of stick, but got to hand it to the man he makes you think eh?

From three conferences cut and pieced together and from physics, geometry, biology and ancient civilizations, Nassim is sharing his knowledge about the unifi... [...]

Dre4dwolf So by this theory, Matter and Reality is made up of resonating magnetic fields (the world of boundaries), and magnetic fields consist of geometric resonance. What we see as 3D reality is just an illusion caused by vibrating magnetic fields, if the magnetic fields stopped vibrating there would be no solids or matter and nothing would "exist".

Stevedoug17 I wonder what the likes of Neil Turok and Michio Kaku say about this :-/........

Nassim Haramein Talks Again About Physics & Spirituality. [...]

airmech404 Refreshing! Nassim Haramine accounts for and incorporates all the "Knowns" of our "World", seen and unseen into his equations . That's rare! Unlike the widely accepted "Experts" who ignore and angrily attempt to discredit what they don't personally understand.

pratnama as Egyptolog, they perfectly understand their mistake but don't want to change anything that will make their credit and credibility lost

Please visit: Steven Greer's blog: The Promise of New Energy Dr. Greer will be joined b... [...]

Alonso del Rio G. Dr. Greer is hard to understand, the audio quality is too low, which is quite frustrating given the high quality of the information being delivered!

Joyce Elkins Well that was a waste.. I couldn't understand any of it.. Audio was bad..


pr0tect0r7 What happened to the 2 and a half minutes of blank at the end?

DarkKnightNomeD this video ends, the next video , he starts talking about something else, i dont have the video series downloaded so i cant tell you right off the bat


Vinícius Sodré Great post! Great Mr. Haramein!

Emo Teofanov 33:00 "Who is blowing into the balloon? Who is this guy - God?"

Nassim Haramein's theory about how memory works is not easy to accept rationally. But here is a proof, a zen teacher adyashanti's experience is perfectly in ... [...]

Ariel Policano This video is excellent and helped me solidify alot of what i had been thinking about regarding reframing and the power of work such as that done by elena tonetti in "birth into being."

Gino Alberto Tenorio he look like einstein re incarnated..