Jonathan Quintin [...]
Rainbow Light Dance is an alchemical dance between radiant and pigmented color. The mandala is from the STARGATE SERIES 2012 by Jonathan Quintin. The colors were chosen specifically for how they respond to colored light and changing colored light. Th [...]
This is one example of the remarkable interconnectivity among the five Platonic solids. It shows how the dodecahedron can cradle the other four Platonic solids within. It begins with the blue icosahedron; which becomes enclosed in the yellow octahedr [...] Jonathan Quintin is giving a key presentation on sacred geometry at UPLIFT 2012! Jonathan Quintin is a multi-media artist and cosmologist who was born and raised in New Zealand. He has spent over 30 years in the investigation and a [...]
This clip shows how each one of the five Platonic solids has the ability to contain the other four forms perfectly within it. Each form takes a turn as central, second out, third out, fourth out and all-encompassing fifth form out. This provides a be [...]
New Zealand artist and cosmologist Jonathan Quintin uses shape, pattern, colour, motion and sound to help the viewer connect with the intrinsic order and sublime beauty that exists on the archetypal planes. The geometric images represent the self-org [...]
Davin Infinity breaks down the energetic source behind creation and conscious evolution, physical and metaphysical : SOUND & LIGHT in all of its frequencies. Techniques, information and examples of creative cultural movements are matched with science [...]
This is from the Sound of Love concert at Globe Institute's Sound Healing Conference in Los Angeles in 2008. Everyone in the audience had 3D glasses so the visuals float over the audience. Most of the Visuals are by Jonathan Quintin. 3D Projection by [...]

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Jonathan Goldman's music: Dream Mastery from The Lost Chord CD available at the Healing Sounds website. Visuals: Jonathan Quintin [...]

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greenmeditations Perfect marriage of image and sound--takes me very deep into myself. Thank you!

Music: Jonathan Goldman Harmonic Revelation, The Divine Name Visuals: Jonathan Quintin [...]

kruse26 jonathan goldman rules. check him out.

Solablueangel This makes you feel as if you are in the interior of a Cosmic Cathedral.

Music: Jonathan Goldman Primal Ground. From Chakra Chants. Visuals: Jonathan Quintin [...]

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Always fun to learn something new... Especially through a random source... I filmed with Kelly Lowry and her Global Love partner Jacki last week.. They told me about Jonanthan and so it was cool to be invited to a lecture to have a listen... Hope you [...]

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wharton3elizabeth I just purchased the NEW movie released titled "Frequency of Genius" ...NEW documentary that has Jonathan Quintin, and David Wolfe on it and others...can't wait to see it ... frequencyofgenius com thanks for posting this cool video!!!

The golden ratio is the golden thread that weaves it's way through the tapestry of creation, uniting diverse and contrasting elements into a harmonious whole. [...]

sweetbeatpetite I got so excited! I wanted to share with all my friends, and alas, when i posted to facebook, someone informed me that it was private.... are you interested in sharing this piece with the public?

xqyz01 Wonderful video. You have a gift for communicating these concepts. Thank you very much.

Order your own Harmonic Visions DVD: Music: Jonathan Goldman, Angelic Calling from Chakra Chants 2. Visuals: Jonathan Quintin [...]

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Jonathan, an internationally recognized teacher, healer, and artist, was born and raised in the rural and rugged landscape of New Zealand. In his extensive travels around the world, he was fascinated by the various teachings that strove for higher co [...]

ministerme that was hilarious... not a good explanation of Sacred Geometry thought.

diann231 I just purchased the NEW movie released titled "Frequency of Genius" ...NEW documentary that has Jonathan Quintin, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Cousesn and David Wolfe on it and others...can't wait to see it ... frequencyofgenius com thanks for posting this cool video!!!

Suzy's first telepathic connection with her son Matthew was in 1994, almost 14 years after he left Earth life at age 17. At first wondering if the conversations might be coming from her mind alone, the increasingly astounding information she recorded [...]

annie46664 Simply love Suzy Ward & adore the 4 Matthew Books too! Don't forget Matthew's monthly messages at: matthewbooks . com THANK YOU! ~South Africa~

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Filippo Voltaggio interviews Nassim Haramein LIVE and in-person on LIFEChanges With Filippo at Nassim's vacation beach home while visiting in California. Nassim had been surfing with his son just before the interview and had come up with a theory tha [...]

drclaudetv Thank you Filippo for having Nassim on, whom I discovered 4 weeks ago with my girlfriend Karen, who thinks Nassim is Einstein coming back into being to enjoy himself some more and straighten out everyone who didn't get it the first time. Our group here in Fairfield Iowa is watching Nassim's DVD set on Friday nights, enjoying his precious innocence, integrity and razor-sharp intellect. Together we are love and thank u Nassim! Dr Claude Windenberger - Creator of the Unconditional Freedom Process

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