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SKULLBABYLON Thanks to everyone who tuned in to this one live. The live listeners count was about 200.

FluteTramp now we just need a show on sacred frequencies and the correlation to A=432hz and the golden ratio, and the fibonacci thingy.

Charles Gilchrist talks sacred geometry and the building blocks of reality [...]
material owned and produced by: charles gilchrist! [...]
Sacred Geometry images from Cory Herter, Sacred Geometry images from Charles Gilchrist, images of frozen water crystals by Dr. Masuru Emoto and also some art by Alex Grey, along with sacred geometry pictures of natural flowers & other cool shapes. [...]

MrSpdy247 This is one of my top favorite presentations of Sacred Geometry to share with people new to the subject. Thanks for sharing :)

GALATHEA1100 Very well done video! Bless

Charles Gilchrist introduces his plans for a new video series. "Sacred Geometry 201". In addition, Gilchrist also announces plans for a new DVD entitled "Sacred Geometry: The Architecture Of The Universe" to be released in 2011. [...]

CGimaging Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, Al. You, my fraternal friend and fellow alchemist, are one of the most dedicated students of the esoteric histories I have ever known. So thanks again and Namaste, Charles

SilverShamrock71 really looking forward to your new videos Charles, you mentioned esoteric, will you be including material on occult spirituality aspects?

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Charles Gilchrist introduces the three root languages of the universe: Sacred Sound (vibration), Sacred Sequence (time/numbers), and Sacred Geometry (form). Special attention to the static and dynamic aspects of Sacred Geometry. Special thanks to San [...]

behappymari In Gratitude & LOVE for expressing beauty & Vibrational Consciousness of the UniVerse. You are accomplishing amazing works to all. Reposted it on FB recently.

ShellbellSpenneAdams I am waiting for a connection to the solfeggio scale, a.k.a. the dna frequency. Also, is it true that if you insert the basic shape of the spiral, or tubal torus, in a tetrahedron and shine a light on it, the shadow will cast the letters of the hebrew alphabet?

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This is a short clip from Bill Donahue, Let them be for signs and it correlates with Charles Gilchrist Sacred Geometry 101B: The Vesica Piscis I also cut a video about supernova 1987a in this short clip for fullness of the presentation. [...]

TruthSurge Hey, can you redo this vid response? I accidentally removed it. :( sorry. it was a response to Excavating the empty tomb 13a .

TruthSurge so let me guess... eye lids form a football. Vagina forms a football. mouth forms a football. but... how did my mouth help form the universe?

This is a fantastic journey through different aspects of sacred Geometry told by Charles Gilchrist. In this first part he talkes about the Golden Mean. [...]