Star Tetrahedron Dr. Bernard Alvarez and ONE present the first part of the Merkabah Ascension class. Here Bernard shares some background on the Merkabah Ascension vehicle and why it is used followed by ONE beginning the phases of this etheric construct. Ev [...]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Kabbalah - Why has Merkabah mysticism been practiced in secret? Have you only heard of Ezekiel's vision at Shavout? What did the rabbis fear? [...]
Namaste! Personally, I believe that this whole... mankind's end thing is a bit naively treated here; a bit too literal, on the sides. Of course, there's some quasi-fantastic CGI there involved, but... where's the originality? :-) Plus, are they *divi [...]

Iudhisthira And, let me ask you: Were the children brainwashed? I am serious about it! Did the Cherubs/Cherubim used the Water of Forgetfulness? As in the Greek mythos, the river Lethe? How come the children rejoiced so quickly of their new Garden of Eden, *knowing* - again, this gerundived verb... - that their adult relatives got burned until complete evaporation on their former home, the Terra? Plus,.. is that the Yggdrassill, the *arbor mundi*? Will the Adamite tale repeat itself?

The Silver Keepers Ministry Invite you to a 5 minute Merkabah Chakra Meditation. As you watch the video & listen to the music, BECOME the Merkabah & cleanse your chakra centers as the merkabah changes color. Namaste [...]

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Merkaba, also spelled Merkabah, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surr [...]

biggmoneyme i hear this guy is a reptilian -- Join me, Q from The Guru of You TV SHOW, as I interview Peter Sterling. He is a phenomenal being with many talents and abilities. During this interview, he plays beautiful music for us on his Sacred Harp, he shares with us inf [...]

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theVibeRider Haha! :) YouTube just upgraded my account, so now I can post videos longer than 15mins! No more need to break them up into multiple parts. He IS an amazing guy! Glad you enjoyed it! Have fun watching it again :)

To learn more about Merkabah, visit: Music: "Ellipsina", by Soulwire soulwire.comImages Google/Photobucket We Honor the Unknown Artists ©2010 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved. FAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyr [...]

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TheWaterlily2012 Beautiful video, and is strange that I just heard a speaker on this yesterday for the first time and now this video has posted out of the blue today. It is something I intend to learn more about, for it sounds wonderful. Thank you. :) The Infinite Merkabah Activation is a response to countless inquiries about The Melchizedek Method.Even though the wording has been changed this is a sample of what The Melchizedek Method Combined Levels 1 & 2, 4 day [...]

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To learn more about Merkabah, visit: Video Information ©2007-2009 Humanity Healing. Partial Right Reserved Foundation Website: Network Website Social Community www.humanityhealing.n [...]

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awake2012nibiru I cant wait for the moment to come to get out of this horrible fisical reality that punish me day after day. Can we not just all be one again and finish this nightmare,in equivalence of form with our Creator ,please?

Proudly presented for lightworkers. I created it myself for my blog [] Made with 3dsmax. No sound. [...]

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Emre skopi Thank you :) - this is the website with the templates you'll need to make a star tetrahedron. For more information on the 64 tetrahedron grid, the work of Nassim Haramein, and the common origin of all sacred symbols please see: logos14 [...]

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JulieStreet91 Another great video, it really does look like an eye. It even looks like the eye of ra to me.. with the lines around and below the eye. "Perhaps" NASA don't want people to know? Lol:) Sorry.. I know its a rhetorical question.

5T4RSCREAM233 Thanks... another way to show that the eye is at the center or vortexes. Same thing. :)


5T4RSCREAM233 :) like i said when you are describing whole figures rather than a "puzzle piece" what happens is you are welcomed into the wonderful world of holograms. There are figures all over the place there. If you zoom in and pan around you can literally go through a gigantic picture album. Try to see the puzzle pieces also and then you will see more instead of that one you are seeing. :)

MegaCOOK28 sheeple!!! This is a simple HuManDala flow with Daniel, Dana and Emily. Photos by Pranav Holop. Music with permission 'Hallelujah' by MaMuse (c) 2011 HuManDala LLC [...]
Sacred geometry and The light Body [...]

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If you have doubts how I proved the vortex please see the following video: [...]

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jdogsful dude, you we're so definitely a student of hermes in another life. You've probably already spent a couple nights in the kings chamber in another life. To me, this explains you're fascination with orion. Its like you wanna go back to source, and i know the feeling.. I bet you're inspired more by intuition than by data, and probably act on a hunch rather than the hint.

GREAT PIC LINK BELOW: The Eye Of The Great Vortex In The Orion Nebula [...]

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This is speculation right now but I am seeing a common pattern and associations in ancient history. [...]

JulieStreet91 Me too:) the heart beating, the breath, the ocean.. this structure is everywhere.

John William Cornett This is a decent depiction/explanation of the vector equilibrium which Nassim Haramein also describes as a white whole/ black whole, the symbol of which is shown from 4:00 thru 6:06. This information has been around for at least 8 years now. I first caught this image and explanation back in 2006 and have been trying to connect the dots since then relative to the vector equilibrium and it's importance to everything. Lost key? Yes :-) You're on the right track! PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS, ALL WAYS!

I just wanted to go through houw to build a star tetrahedron, a very important shape in all of the cosmos. more can be learned of this shape through the book "the ancient secret of the flower of life" and I am planning on building a village of enligh [...]

Quaaludedude714 the cosmic undocumented is more like it , they have been hiding it in plane sight , a star tetrahedron opens up a portal and like it's all coming :) QC

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