Flower of Life

Hidden deep within our past, lies a secret that has been long forgotten. There have been various organizations throughout history that have protected its sec... [...]

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THE LIGHTSOURCE - SACRED GEOMETRY with Hemi-Sync meditation music. LIGHTSOURCE - SACRED GEOMETRY includes thirteen of the world's most auspicious and elementally powerful geometric designs, including: The Flower of Life, Tree of Life with Seed of Lif [...]
part 2/3 Drunvalo is the author of four books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart and his newest one, Serpent of Light. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one [...]

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MegaMaxemus Wow what a distortion of what is. I think he needs to reevaluate what he is saying.

whynotnews.eu ~sub: youtube.com ~credits video edit: youtube.com ~study "Hidden Human History HD Revised Version": youtube.com The following presentation delves into three of the Illuminati's best kept secrets. The time for secrecy is now over. It's [...]

nwosatire DISCLAIMER: ~if I upload a controversial video does NOT mean that it is "endorsing" all it, or that I suppose to see it as "proof" of anything. I ONLY share for consideration purpose only. By allowing ALL options we have more chance finding the bigger picture. We all are seeing bits & pieces of key-information that can reshape our worldview of possibilities. ...discernment has to be PRACTICED not spoon-fed by any so called government, scientist or religious approved "authority" John

uncleezra1 Maybe it's not as complicated as the Illuminati and global conspiracy. Maybe it's just all of the meanness and greed in the world coming out. Maybe all of those mean people are giving life to the Collective Ego. In other words, stop looking outside yourself for what is wrong in the world and work on how you view things in an honest search for truth. As you get it, you pass it on and the Collective Ego diminishes in its power, influence and control.

Flowers Of Life Metsäfestiwaal 30th Jul - 1st Aug 2010 A forest festival in Finland. Three stages with Psytrance, Chill-Out and Hip-Hop. This video features only the first two. Sorry for the distorted sound at the main stage, my camera couldn't hand [...]

Patrick PsiloCyber Kiits teille ihanat ihmiset, kun ootte saanut näin pitkän (ja öisen) meisingin eli magian kuvalle, kun itse olin liian shamaansessa kuosissa... :) (eli en saanut kuvalle....) ;D

"G" for Geometry, Sacred Geometry. The Masons have protected this secret for ages, but it has been known for aeons. The ancient secret of the Flower of Life. From Spirit Science 6 - Flower of Life originally uploaded by jordanduchnyz Hidden deep with [...]

TheEidolon7 Knowledge can be found from simply sitting in a forest. That is besides the point. Secret knowledge pertaining to secret societies can only be found at the high levels and often with only a few individuals within those secret societies. Is it so hard to understand? Even in a simple corporation, secrets are kept at the highest levels. "Masonic Secret Revealed" is what I am debating. How can a non Master Mason know if a Masonic secret is revealed or not. It's silly.

mjzapjr Correlation does not imply causation.

Animation Credit: Hadi Ghasemzadeh from Rasht, Iran (contact: hadighasemzadeh@yahoo.com) More info on Meditation: paneandov.com paneandov2012.com Support Pane Andov's work and research: paneandov2012.com [...]

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cosmocto.com http This video captures the elements of my process of making a Flower of Life Mandala. The Flower of Life is a Sacred Geometry symbol considered to be a blueprint for all creation. Music by Earthrise SoundSystem Mandala by Daniel Frank [...]

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More videos and info at thrivemovement.com [...]

TheTemplateGallery For a view of a 3d flower of life come to or channel page

insightstar Because... it is there. I would like to see folks who are questioning from their intelligence to come up with 'how' the design on the egyptian temple is possible.

The following presentation delves into three of the Illuminati's best kept secrets. The time for secrecy is now over. It's time to wake up. Drunvalo Melchizedek. 2012 The Prophecies from The Heart www.youtube.com 国家非常事態対策委員会 番 [...]

sunbugs There are lots of little gods out in the astral plane ( proper pronunciation: ass-troll playin') Lots of them love to play with little humans with a low vibration, like their own. They demand worship, allegiance, tribute, death, killing!!! This is quite simple, God is love , love is God, God=Love Loving is of God. NON-loving actions, egos etc... are not from the God of love. Mean demanding beings are out of the body but not in a "Heavenly Realm" a Much lower kingdom

KCOWMOO there appears to be 2 YHWH in the bible duality contradiction. one YHWH instructs good and moral and other YHWH instructs his people that they superior than other nations to kill murder lie cheat enslave rape kill children and even have sex with babies and blood sacrifice animals to appease this angry blood thirsty deity that willing to destroy people in great rage and anger that don't kiss his ass this is not Supreme God of Universe but the immoral egomaniac trickster YHWH God that fools world

www.krsnovels.com Flower of life symbol was first discovered in ancient past of Egypt, Mayan, Vedas, China and the culture of Kabbalah,Flower of life symbol consists of 64 tetrahedron structures mashed in together to create a sphere. All objects in t [...]

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HighlandMidwife Thrive is deliberately packed with lies. Check it out: Go to GlobalEnergySys(dot)net and look on the Links page, under Important News there is a link to Trombly and stolen photos. Then go to ThriveDebunked(dot)wordpress(d­ot)com and there is a link on the right to Exclusive Allegations about Trombly Present Credibility Crisis for Thrive.

Beautifully illustrated Sacred Geometry [...]

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大阪でのルーシー号アフターパーティ20090807(花の日) @BBS (ホテル ハイアット リージェンシー 大阪 BF1) SPECIAL GUEST DJ: NICK THE RECORD (LIFE FORCE / from UK) SPECIAL DOMESTIC DJs: EYE (V∞REDOMS) DNT (FLOWER OF LI [...]
FLOWER of LIFE in Egypt www.freewebs.com experience the flower of light here with us on the westbank at the flower of light holiday center [...]

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NWOareScum - you be oritronic. FOL IS scientific, real science is holistic not 50% or less. reductionist science is only one eye of the two eyes of horus. proper science uses both eyes.

A mandala with the flower of life pattern... Have a look at www.mandala.tv for the full screen mandala videos...check www.elestial.tv for more artwork... and www.phosphere.com for the light portal... The audio track is from Craigh Pruess and Ananda a [...]

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