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I am in the process of checking out a series of videos showing some very interesting experiments to promote what the author calls the Primer Fields Theory. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below. [...] (External link to the Cambridge Structural Database) In a molecule, each atom's geometry correlates to the number of electron pair domains surrounding that atom. This is a statement of the valence shell electron pair repulsion m [...] presents: Introduction to Organic Chemistry Part 1 (of 5) - Atoms, Atomic Orbitals, Periodic Table and Trends This video begins to address a number of important chemistry topics essential to understand organic chemistry. Many of my stude [...]

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An introduction to how electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) affects the arrangement of atoms in a molecule. We also discuss the relationship between a Lewis Structure and the true geometry-shape of a molecule. [...]

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nicoleconzucchero in the final part of the video, you say that lone e- pairs exhibit a stronger repulsion, doesnt that imply they should feel more repulsion to eachother than to bonding pairs (bc theyre more negative), so instead of pushing the bonding pairs away, push eachother away more strongly?

Sponsor: - My off-the-cuff layman's hunch about the nature of the universe and the origin of life. How you can buy an ad on this program Many images from: - please donate to them at meta.wikimed [...]

nielzdg Maybe our universe is a sub-atomic particle of an atom of a cel inside a woman's vagina. Maybe that's why the universe seems so dark.

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Original Upload projectmoses69 If we could re-build the Ark of the covenant today, what practical use would it have? What effect would it have on our society? This video answers some interesting questions about what the Ark actually is and what new t [...]

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How Bernhard Riemann's 1854 Habilition Dissertation re-defined the nature of geometry, physics, and the human mind. Often wrongly considered as simply a mathematician, Riemann places Mind at the center of science, and his programmatic outlook require [...]

SuperFinGuy Great video, it is awesome to see a truly informative and rational series on Riemann and physics. In the same way that a curvature of a 2d space (a plane or an area) is a change in the third dimension. The curvature of a 3d space (volume without boundary) is a change in the fourth dimension (density) or in space/time. Gravity is a blatant example of a space curvature.

laroucheyouth Glad you found it useful! While we see two-dimensional surfaces as curved in our 3d space, we can't do the same with three dimensions. In the example of Einstein's general theory of relativity, it does indeed appear that 3d space is being curved in a 4th by gravitation, but to keep the principle general, it is not always possible to add a new dimension this way. In life, for example, the non-Euclidean space will be explained in another way -- another 4th dimension, or...

An introduction to the Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry. [...]

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Original Publication from projectmoses69 Is there a basic fundamental principle found in nature that explains the structure of the universe? Is this principle the key to understanding God and the formula for producing unlimited free energy? [...]

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Original Upload projectmoses69 The signs are everywhere, all you have to do is be willing to see them. When you learn to think for yourself you will begin to see the world as it actually is and not what you have been told it is. There is more potenti [...]

SororThothma And God lied to Adam about the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve both ate of it and lived. The Serpent told the truth: God lies. Furthermore, God kills how many people in the Old Testament? God kills men, women, children, & infants; demands blood sacrifices, nukes entire cities, commits genocide more than once, and never ever acts to make peace. Satan/Lucifer, on the other hand, never kills a single human - and yet is called "The Enemy." God is The Enemy.

SororThothma Also, just to make it pellucid, the "apple/fruit" of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was most probably a psychoactive mushroom (or a psychoactive entheogen of some kind). The eating of it changed their consciousness (activated it). No mere apple nor known tree fruit will accomplish that feat, but psilocybin mushrooms will do the trick quite nicely. The Event at Eden was history's first recorded drug bust, with God as the Pigs - and nothing has changed in that regard since that time.

Original Upload projectmoses69 In the pursuit of science and religion there remains only one truth. Are you prepared to accept that truth if discovered even if it goes against eveything you currently believe? What if mankinds true history has been in [...]

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Villani shows the link between the apparently unrelated theory of optimal transport and the concept of curvature, arising from non-Euclidean geometry, and playing a key role in Einstein's theory of general relativity. This is a story where physics, e [...]

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Original Publication from projectmoses69 All over the world mysterious symbols are being discovered that may hint to an ancient advanced knowledge that quite possibly may explain biblical divine powers and supernatural manifestations. Has mankinds tr [...]

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Magnetic Viewing Film from K&J magnetics. Turns black when the magnetic field is perpendicular to the film and turns a shiny green when it is parallel. Viewing Film: Besure to check out my channel for other magnetic creations and [...]

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The key to sacred geometry comes from shapes so too shape comes from sacred geometry. the key lays within building and defining all shapes possible from the merkaba shape and fractions of the merkaba shape. [...]
Video from 3SAT-show NANO. IMAGINARY 2008 - the traveling exhibition of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach! IMAGINARY features incredible insights into state-of-the-art Maths visualization and all type of interactive multi media tools [...]

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Model: TKR002Polyhedral radial expansion through dodecahedra and icosahedra periodicity. The primary 2D unit cell is a geometrical rhombus with length and width ratio of the golden mean. From the above comes a spatial transformation into a 3D rhomboh [...]

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Within the surface of a sphere or what I call a "Mickey Ball" all the other regular polyhedrons and many non regular polyhedrons are formed by the stream of regular polyhedrons I call Trion-Re'.* The Trion-Re' can be likened to the shuttlecock of a l [...]

Belinda Clements Excellent, beautiful with dimensional flower of life colored imagery. "Everything in the Universe breathes. Inhale, Exhale, Rest" Music was a nice accompaniment. Like to see more information. Thank you Michael!

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