Tibetan sand mandala, Chenrezig the Buddha of compassion Mandala [...]

sylectra This stuff is amazing. I bet these guys would be GREAT at cake decorating...but no one would know it because they have to smash the cake before it gets to the customer.

vanness5 ...And everything was going so well until Morty sneezed.

Tibetan monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery making sand mandala [...]

shivafool focus, dedication fleeting beauty namaste

razortongue9000 Tibetan monks truly blow my mind...

Filmed April 10th 2007, at a Buddhist shrine in Chichester, this video tells the story of a sand painting born only the day before. In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Mandala is brought to an end, honouring the Buddhas teaching of 'impermanence' : th [...]

ruzickaw A waste of time.

weeeezzll These people need a HOME OF THE Milliande Art Community for Women - now also playing at http ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Art Play with Milliande ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ http Having Playing with Mandalas and Zenta [...]

Theresa Li Thank you for your sharing...Hope I can do that as well as you can soon^^

fallen angel wish i could draw

MANDALAS Meditation for peace, harmony and love. [...]

hieroglyph321 almost unbelievably beautiful and uplifting. thank you for sharing this.

corvuxmadame Que bonita musica n_n

Eitan Kedmy speaks about mandalas and creates a sand mandala. [...]

rickvanman inspiring stuff

FrozenbyIcewinds awe-inspiring

The actual word 'Mandala' is Sanskrit for "circle". In many cultures the circle symbolizes positive connotations like balance, healing and peace. In Tibetan Buddhism the symbol mandala is used as a mental offering and a representation of the entire u [...]

AgentEnigma I used to own a record by Mandalaband, called The Eye of Wendor, a mystical consept album with kings and journeys through strange lands. I was fortunate to (by total accident) to communicate with the singer of 'Like the wind' one of the finest haunting songs I've heard. Thats when I first came across the word mandala.

ikbeninbalans01 Amazing Beautiful best regards from Lugit bar PEACE,LOVE & HARMONY This simple and easy method of mandala drawing is also a powerful form of meditation, relaxation, prayer, and creative expression similar to methods that have been practiced for thousands of years. Give it a try! It only takes 5 minute [...]

Ayurveda4U Repetition is a powerful thing.

WyldWytchie Beautiful on so many levels, thank you for sharing :)