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This is an excerpt from a prior episode of The Partially Examined Life podcast, discussing Bertrand's Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy. You can find the entire unabridged Russell podcast, along with dozens of others discussing philos [...]

Vranzico Carbone Thanks. 

BRUINSfan3540 i go to umass. we only had 3 philosophy majors graduate this year. we would listen to these podcasts when we studied. amazing stuff. thanks for all u guys do. 

More about this programme: www.bbc.co.uk MIT Cosmologist Max Tegmark introduces his theory that reality is a mathematical structure, unchanging and eternal - an idea that pushes physics into the realm of philosophy. [...]

LibertarianOnline This is what happens if you smoke too much weed.

timeshiftersvk Yay, Clint Mansell :D

An expert on the philosophy of mathematics, Dr Jonathan Tallant, outlines some of the key arguments about whether or not numbers ACTUALLY EXIST? Exploring platonism, nominalism and fictionalism. Jonathan works in the University of Nottingham's Philos [...]

euducationator to me, math isnt something we created, math is something we discovered. its a description of the rules of the universe, simplified and sliced down into a way we humans can conceive it. there are 3 things that make up a universe, space energy, and information. and information actually can actually directly affect things like sub atomic particles, so in my mind, numbers will always be real.

fieryflarex math is fucking real, it's just the measurements of things and the patterns, rules/laws etc. of relationships between measurements, that's all. we created systems to measure it, but we could just use other systems which could be converted to our systems, and we do have different units for the same thing.

A study of the philosophy and theology of the point reveals a vast universe of information we remain unaware of. [...]

canadianbacon007 fascinating series Kerry, nice job :D

iwbtssothy Absolutely agree with canadianbacon, these are one of the most exciting BYP' series.

My 2nd Video Segment; this portion is my examination of the philosophy behind Sacred Geometry as well as a great introductory piece for those less acquainted with the material. Check out my work at www.aquarianphilosophy.wordpress.com www.aquarianphi [...]

JeanHeliosOfficial A delight indeed to find a not only enlighted, but articulated and subtil message. Thank you very much.

AureaMean Thank you my friend, there is a part 2 on its way... I will get started on it when I finish moving around August 4th...

More information about Carl Gustav Jung can be found at www.ajna.com [...]
Carl Gustav Jung (English pronunciation: /ˈjʊŋ/ YUUNG, German: [ˈkarl ˈɡʊstaf ˈjʊŋ]; 26 July 1875 -- 6 June 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology. Jung is considered the first modern psychiatrist to view th [...]

27288 I am the producer, the sounds you hear is quite fitting i find. Nevertheless your view is appreciated, i do think the intro sound was a mistake. Peace & Love

mocurio May you please decrease the music volume, or take it off? It's very distracting from the video. Thank you.

Enjoy a journey through various psychological archetypes (CG Jung) pictured as different rooms. An animation filled with symbolic content and beautiful sounds. [...]

tmark618 Madly delightful! It captured the lost soul experience-with options. Just the way we find our archetype......

FidelxCatrated i honestly just started looking into this stuff but it may be the warrior.