Golden Ratio in Plants and MicroWorld 1.618 ADNAN OKTAR HARUN YAHYA 1.618 What do the pyramids in Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of the Mona Lisa, sunflowers, the snail, the pine cone and your fingers, all have in common? The answer to this ques [...]

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Beautiful flowers from the gardens of the world [...]

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In this video you will see a number of beautiful flower gardens and other related photos. The video has some background music and is 04:39 minutes in duration. The Spanish guitar song, "Loving You" is interpreted by Oscar Lopez. I hope you will like [...]

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Dozens of Flower Wallpapers peaceful ambient background sound. The flowers from are high resolution wallpaper and transition to each image with an animated heart to give your Valentines Day Sweetheart. [...]

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mysunflower83 very beautiful! Compliments for pics and video editing!! If someone want, see please my new video with some pics of my garden! You can find it on my channel :-)