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Tai Chi Push Hands with Huang Sheng Shyan and Tony Ward 0:37 Wee Kee Jin! Thanx Gerhard Dänekamp for the hint! [...]

tjms100 I'd not seen this footage of Master Huang before. Really good. I love watching him play and he seemed particularly playful in this. Thanks for posting.

MrMyfistyourface Always this guy pushes with inexperienced cooperative partner. How about someone that won't cooperate? Doubt you'll ever see that.

A push hands demonstration with Wee Kee Jin, Hella Ebel and Epi van de Pol. This video was filmed 2004 during the 2nd Cheng Man Ching Forum in Hannover, Germany and is part of the Tai Chi Studio Hannover DVD produktion of that meeting (tai-chi-studio [...]

linaiwa Many thanks for this video ;) 

TaiChiStudioHannover No Problem! Did you see the other one I posted yesterday?

Yoga of Thinking, Arthur Young Video Archive producer Arthur Bloch, Hypersphere The resolving power of the mind. The basis of the Geometry of Meaning in division by different powers. Licensed by Anodos Foundation. Reproduced with [...]
There is a geometry that is found throughout the universe, and it is often referred to as sacred geometry. Do yoga postures conform to this geometry that is found in nature and the universe? Let's first get a short introduction to sacred geometry. Mu [...]
Evita Ochel of interviews David Wolfe of - author, speaker, raw food and nutrition expert after a day event at the Grail Springs Retreat & Spa in Bancroft, Ontario. [...]

Grail Springs Thank you Evita! It was a pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to David Wolfe's return to Grail Springs April 16th. And for those who want to 'cleanse' with David, he'll be hosting a 5-night retreat in August 2011. Stay tuned!

landerlove2u Beautiful chat....thank you!

NEW EBOOK! My new ebook is now available.It is a comprehensive guide to preparing and transitioning to Raw Food. Get it here The Live Foodist, Matthew Warner, discusses his history of drug abuse and explains how his transition [...]

yettafrommadison Thank you so much for the information in your videos they really help me keep on track with my new way of living

SCOTTDAVIDSON32 mmm fried chicken and ice cream I'm like 50/50 healthy and junk food lol

Rudra Shivananda explains how the chakras are vital to the maintenance of health and the development of higher consciousness. [...]

SetiDraconis Thank you Rudra..I think this is one of your best videos yet. Chris,Sacramento

dwcivicsquare I highly recommend Rudra's book "Chakra Self Healing by the power of OM". I've always felt uncomfortable in my throat area. I came to realize it was my chakra. He blessed me with a mantra specific to heal this energy and I must say that I do notice a difference and feel much calmer. Om Kryia Babaji Nama Aum D. W. Bishop

Free Weekly Wisdom. Visit From The Energetics of Healing: You have heard Dr. Caroline Myss share her revelations about the human body's energy anatomy. You have read her stunning insights into why some people hea [...]

JAZEleal Very Interesting!

AllThingsEclectic The theory of the Energetic Banker - definitely interesting...