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rendered by teamfresh @ / I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( it cont... [...]

Mango K. It's fucking amazing! But it's too fast, I could hardly trip to it. It was trippy as hell, just too fast

Roopfert Thanks!

Canadian artist San Base has taken his Dynamic Painting technology to the spectacular world of 3D, and the results are stunning. The combination of art and m... [...]

игорь игорьков Завораживающий ролик!!!

gigacannon A mathematical abstract space has been made real, and now I've been there. Wonderful. This sort of thing justifies our existence in the universe.

A 3D animation rendered in September 2012 by Arthur Stammet with Mandelbulb 3D from and programmed by Jesse. Music by Arthur Sta... [...]

Zhong Yue 不可思议

Alexander Schramm Mind rape. 

A comp of my favs, majority from 1080p 29.97 fps source. Vid & song list below! Mp3: 1080p VIdeo DL: http://tinyurl.... [...]

Giovanni Sirias Buena secuencia!,yo le llamaria Univitatia,a ese disco,gracias x mundo sin dolby.

siamiam fantastic mix of music and visuals 

Enhanced version with a new soundtrack by zzzzra. Made with Mandelbulb3D by Jesse. Free download on! [...]

d00mDK Amazing! ... How long does it take to make a video like this o__o ?

Sakanakao I love how after a few times around it's full of nice round holes. Very nice work!

The first 3D fractal zoom that I will upload to this channel. This one was created in Mandelbulb 3D and took approximately 2 Weeks to render. In order to spe... [...]

Tabasco Raremaster needs twice as much fps

Fractal animation made with Mandelbulb3D. The camera moves away from the surface of a 3D fractal object ("SierpHilbert") while rotating, panning out and reve... [...]

schizo604 the great camera path makes this very special and cool. well done bib!

Fractal animation made by Schizo - with Mandelbulb 3D V1.76 It's a combination of 4 formulas (AmazingBox, _AmazingBoxSSE2, addC, sinY) ... [...]

levrer1904 sehr schick, verleitet zum fliegen

Brad Wallace Wow. Bad ass!

Experiments in combining the Tune Smtihy fractal tunes with 3D Mandelbulb fractals. The original videos are by Torsten Stier and Don Whittaker, all released ... [...]

Massimo Spiga Incredible.

tifficat2 Exceptional!!!

Created by Arthur Stammet in October 2013. Soundtrack composed by Arthur Stammet in 1987 and remixed in 2013. This fractal animation has been rendered in Man... [...]

Arthur Stammet Thanks ;-)

Arthur Stammet Thank you very much for your appreciation.

Enhanced version with a new soundtrack by zzzzra. Made with Mandelbulb3D by Jesse. Free download on! [...]

Dayokun How do you animate this ? Can you please provide some links or explain the function?

mjusiqtube What a beauty! Nice ride. And not to be ungratefull - I wanted the trip to be far far longer the moment jorney was over. :-)

PARADIGM is a 3D animated short film created by Christopher D'Andrea for his BFA senior project. Its a story between two fractal generated entities extremely... [...]

DubStepAside Was that cube structure the 4th dimension?

tyinykiller5 Hey id really like to learn how to use all of that software and make something like this, so i was wondering if you would consider making some tutorials? or at least tell me how you learned everything you know.

Fractal animation made by Schizo - with Mandelbulb 3D - It's a close up of my Caleidoscope Eye 2 animation... [...]

worktosser Nice one Schiz. The light was a nice touch. (DA - fraqenstien). 

Mike Swale Like the graphic look, like the music. Nice.

Music: [...]

hauslerful The name of the song is at the end of the video in the annotation :-)

fnshmetal What program did you use?

This movie has entirely been created by Arthur Stammet. It tells the story of two interstellar light-beings, persecuted by a destructive red plasma. Forced t... [...]

CCRProducer Awesome Spacewalk by two persecuted Light-Beings, finally finding rest and security in a fractal. I also like the Soundtrack with its strange but powerful atmosphere! Well done, Arthur!

MrArtista59 A beautiful and scary vision of infinitely large worlds, contained in some infinitely small particles, growing to infinitely complexity while zooming in. Thanks for that vision.

Thanks to the miracle of real-time 3D fractal exploration that is the Amazing Boxplorer, I am able to bring you this 25 minute psychedelic exploration into t... [...]

GManDC1 Nice, Carry ON Gary

foolishtreefilms Stunning, really. Wowzer.

3D fractal rendered with mandelbulber from the mandelbox 4D vary scale algorithm. [...]

Andrew Bell awesome ... very ancient looking!

Informatisse Not enough pixels on screen to see it correctly.

This movie has been created by Arthur Stammet for the Annual Fractal Art Competition 2013. Based on a Mandelbulb fractal, which has been re... [...]

TheAstroStick Nice stuff, but hard to watch. A lot of quick switching from scene to scene. This would be much nicer if you allowed the viewer longer periods of time to take in each scene. Just a suggestion.

Arthur Stammet Thank you for your comment and appreciation. This clip is strongly directed by the soundtrack. In order to appreciate the real stuff, rendered in Mandelbulb, you may look at the original footage, as indicated in my own text with the corresponding links: The original fractal animation have been published on YouTube in two movies, with two different soundtracks: Super Constellations - Mandelbulb 3D animation Super Constellations at Consdorf - Paul Kayser's Soundtrack The third video in a series of 3D fractal animations highlighting the unique topology of the "Amazing Surface" formula found in th... [...]

ouroboroswyrm great work!

ryan85oh great video but man the first half of the music was just not for me

Fractal animation made by Schizo - with Mandelbulb 3D V1.76 A formula combination of ATetraVS + Menger IFS + _AmazingBoxSSE2 spiced with some color modulation creates a landscape half synthetic, half natural. Music Track "Binary Percep [...]

Stefan Sauer Awesome! A world full of nothing that still can be seen. It's crazy. Like whats this cube made of, zooom, ohh, lots of void and a few smaller cubes, zoooom, more void and cubes and dots, zooom ...

superhappyize I like this type of travel.