Bach's most famous organ piece and angelic organ (that's the first XVIII century name of this glass instrument). Now it's called a glass harp. GlassDuo's instrument is the biggest one in the world. Concert LIVE in Bologna - [...]
The Art of Fugue or The Art of the Fugue (original German: Die Kunst der Fuge), BWV 1080, is an incomplete masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685--1750). The work was most likely started at the beginning of the 1740s, if not earlier. The first kn [...]
Read This for more information -- Philip Glass composed this music for Sesame Street in 1979. It is not sampled from his other works. It has aired on Sesame Street as recently as 1994 and probably later. For the full details, see these articles on Mu [...]

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Nickelberrynsc One of them does. Geometry my dear Watson.

Instrumental music for chilling out, relaxing, meditating. Slideshow of pin & thread artwork. [...]

MrJoeldwalton beautiful work.. inspiring.. it has opened up some more ideas to try for myself.

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To read along with this blog go here April 23, 2008 - One of my favorite phrases I have quoted from people's reviews of my book is from K. Flekkoy, who had this to say at "an imaginative and strange [...]

Patriciovaldivieso About the comment of malandro, the occurrence of "harmonic moments" sounds more offensive than accurate, but just to answer you there's a much better method than studying 4 years of bullshit in uni, about harmony or about anything, that's exposure and research i don't expect that you agree with me, but after being to uni, you'll see what i mean. The best way to lear anything, not only music, it's by exposing yourself to it, in this case it would be exposing to the music you want to learn

Patriciovaldivieso For example if you want to play blues for alice, most people will go to their teachers and ask how, the teacher will say:, "you have to play the changes and make a harmonic analysis of the chart so you can know where each scale should be played etc," I believe that's completely wrong way of teaching. that's a person that memorized a method and that's why i say that it is not the best approach to music! theory is always good, once your research makes you bump into it. so then it will open doors.

In my talk, I will explain how to translate basic concepts of music theory into the language of contemporary geometry. I will show that musicians commonly abstract away from five types of musical transformations, the "OPTIC transformations," to form [...]

13crickets Dr. Tymoczko, thank you very, very much for your important contribution to music, mathematics, and science. Ron

OneStringDave Check out Music Math Lesson 1

What could be a better medium to communicate math to the public than the universal language of music? Ever since Pythagoras used numerical terms to express intervals between notes and derived musical tones from geometrical patterns, mathematicians ha [...]
Geometry of emotion through array orchestra. Bill Wesley Inventor / Musician -- Array Orchestra Bill Wesley was born into a family of scientists, artists, and writers. In this lively intellectual atmosphere, he began to produce shows featuring live m [...]

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jhchalmers Thanks, Bill. I watched it live on my computer when you presented it at UCSD.