The new house of award winning architect Michael Rice. It is named Dreamfield. This video presents images during the construction. [...]

CryPixie83 Stunningly beautiful!!

greeneyeddziewczyna simply breathtaking and what is the name of this song!!!!

This extraordinary documentary film explores one of the most beautiful and mysterious cathedrals in the world, the famous Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France. Filmed by an acclaimed BBC cameraman, it features haunting images and beautiful music, a [...]

colscript "project transcended international politics.... financed from various eg England to Germany....all hearts were united and each man forgave his enemies..."Thanks for this kristenweg

17soulable templars involved after finds at jerusalem temple and elsewhere... we were living in thatched huts at the time...

smartgeometry 2010 barcelona sg2010 brought together a global community of innovators and pioneers in the fields of architecture, design, and engineering for a six remarkable days of design exploration, fabrication, collaborative research and network [...]
Sacred Geometry holistic house plans by Michael Rice. House plans are available on Michael naturally creates specific house designs for those who desire it. [...]

Azog Hammerfist Well Seth! All you have to do is get a local engineer or architect to adapt the drawings to the local regulations and Bob's your uncle! That's the way most of Mike's houses get built!! Woooo! Nick

faroq2000000 awesome v. awesome

Project for Geometry Class [...]

DChatc In terms of structural integrity, which shape expresses the ost tability and weight distribution (it can't all be domes, can it?)

This is my project I made for math class. This is also my first video made with sony vegas pro 9. [...]
Lecture by Wang Shu, Principal of Amateur Architecture Studio and Head of the Architecture School, China Academy of Art. "Amateur Architecture Studio was founded in 1998 by Wang Shu and Lu Wenyu in Hangzhou, China. Their approach is based around a cr [...]

Lore Castañeda PRITZKER 2012!

Sha0927 PRITZKER 2012! GOOD JOB!

A selection of constructed bioarchitecture homes designed by bioarchitect Michael Rice. Bioarchitecture integrates sacred geometry, feng shui, green and biologic architecture. For more information visit [...]

Indigozek I LOVE the house at 4:57

1Diamonddoor 7:49 reminds me of the Hobbit

Geometry in Architecture Ms Jung's 2009 class [...]
A video from that highlights a Seattle-area high school geometry class working on a school building design a project with architects. It demonstrates how merging classroom learning with real world experiences motivates students, enhances [...]

Julia Balestriere cool teacher! this is awesome I wish I was able to do this in high school

For EDTL 4670, we were required to construct a iMovie video involving our content area. Mine is math, thus my Geometry video. Enjoy (and go ahead and laugh). [...]
Geometry in Architecture, A Look at Walt Disney Hall designed by Frank Gehry. I created a little movie for a Math Project I had to do for Ms. Liu's Geometry class. I am in 8th grade at Emerson Middle School. We studied Geometry in Architecture. I lea [...]
Architect Mike Hong takes us through his own tutorial of geometry in architecture through his past projects seen worldwide. Project: Negative Sphere Hakata, 1994 In creating our evocative human spaces, a new design paradigm has emerged. Physical maqu [...]
This episodes explores occult architecture. Again i remind all viewers that its not the shape that determines whther the harnessed energy is good or evil, but rather the rituals that take place within these structures. However, Pyramids, octagons, an [...]

squick1842 what about the 20 th episode? Burslemchakra, if you feel that the episode revealed some intresting secrets people need to know, than its your duty to find a way to express that to the people interested. Find another host on the internet. squiike@gmail Contact me please, or give a email or website link.

passionaria This clip seems to freeze at 0:45 ?? I like the voice over accent ;) sounds familiar..