Higher Dimensions

We introduce a new, rational definition of the curvature of a polytope. This removes the usual pi's that occur in such formulas, giving a more direct connection to the Euler number: total curvature equals Euler number. We use our new normalization of [...]

Jarrett Mattson Stangle, LMAO.

rjlasota Thanks for making these videos! You give the impression that Descarte wrote to Leibnitz, but Descarte lived 31 March 1596 -- 11 February 1650, and Leibnitz lived July 1, 1646 -- November 14, 1716. I guess you meant Leibnitz got a hold of this letter from Descarte.

A uniform polytope is a vertex-transitive polytope made from uniform facets of a lower dimension. The uniform polytopes in two dimensions are the regular polygons. This is a generalization of the old... Uniform Polytope - Wiki Article - wikiplays.org [...]
A CGI short film - "Regular Convex Polytopes of the First Four Dimensions" [...]

nevermore1000 Good, but octahedra are not "two tetrahedra joined at the base."

FluffyBunniesOnFire Seriously, how do they let a mistake like that pass through?

So, first and foremost, what will help you to open up your consciousness and activate your pineal gland is to stop drinking fluoride. No more tap water. If you stop today it will be about two years for your body to start getting better (from the fluo [...]

Ian Shapiro This is very interesting, good video.

moviemakerjacob It's good to know people like you are still around, and not just left in the past.

To read along go to: imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com (there is quite a lot of additional content in the text version of this blog) Other links: imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com www.merriam-webste [...]

10thdim You are wrong. I have been completely honest about my amateur (and hence unpublishable) status and if you were honest yourself you would apologize. Watch the end of one of my most popular videos of this year: watch?v=zqeqW3g8N2Q where I state in no uncertain terms that I'm "not a physicist, but a great many people from around the world have appreciated this animation for what it is: a new to visualize the ten spatial (or "space-llike") dimensions from which our universe or any other springs."

Dionysus2235 What is your problem....really? You are putting a lot of energy into this. Rob can say whatever he wants. What do you do? Crybaby cry.....you change nothing. I think this is the best explanation of reality I have ever seen. What do you think about that?

Mathematical concept of the fourth spatial dimension (this is not about time as the fourth dimension, aka spacetime). Notes: #1: (1:10) Obviously your room would only exist in a single 3d space. Technically, the room described here is actually 4-dime [...]

Uncivildefiance I wonder if the 100th dimension exists...

annoythefish If you were 2d you wouldn't be able to see in 2 dimensions, you would only see a line that appears and disapears. We are 3d and as such we do not see in 3d, we see in 2 dimensions and our brain uses the shadow and light to produce the illusion of 3d. If we saw in 3 dimensions we would be able to see all sides of something at the same time.

There are many theories out there. This is one of those theories. Inspired by Flatlands. [...]

segner6000 ya

segner6000 Time is energy. It cannot be seen, but it is energy that causes the rotation and movement of the three-dimensional world we live in. It is a wave of pulse energy that moves through all matter, causing rotation, movement, and pulsation. Time controls the normal speed of all matter until something comes along and changes it. Time is considered fine-matter since it is not solid and exists only in an energy form. Without time, space would stop moving.

Click on the "CC" button to see or turn off the new Hungarian subtitles created by Zoltan Penzeli. Thank you Zoltan! To read along go to imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com Other links from this entry: en.wikipedia.org science.discovery.com www.l [...]

dreamsshatter17 then why the fuck do we call the fourth dimension time if it's not related to duration?

KissedTHEBullet Where do you think Nyan Cat lives?

For those who love science. The fourth dimension and the fourth dimensional cube, the tesseract, explained. For those wondering what a 5th dimension cube looks like, click on this link for a diagram: upload.wikimedia.org [...]

ejayarts its so hard to grasp the world of 4d. can you help me? like visually-mentally. i want to be able to imagine how it is.

TheMacocko This is my understanding. It is impossible to image a 4d. Its like trying to think of a color that doesn't exist. our brains only think in relation to what we know. Mathematically, we can calculate but not recreate.

Cosmos - Carl Sagan - 4th Dimension [...]

MinotauroNog Incredibly dumb I assure you, go to any "fred" video and read the comments, prepare to give up on humanity.

josephlopez0006 62 people live in flatland!

Spline animation with 3ds max. (20.12.2009 - Over 100 000 views, thanks!) (16.07.2010 - Over 200 000 views, thanks!) (22.03.2012 - Over 300 000 views, thanks!!) [...]

fabiopinna everything is correct, but it's spelled tesseract.

ZombieBlobs oops got it. btw why is it called a tesseract when the next hyper cube is a penteract, hexeract and so forth. shouldnt it be called a quaderact?

admittedly I'm only basing this on my limited understanding of the hypothetical concept of another spatial dimension, so be gentle if it's inaccurate in some way! just thought I could make the concept slightly easier to interpret. [...]

0827Beauty luv the music

Fat Stephen They would probably look like a Matt Groening cartoon

Computer animated movie of a rotating four-dimensional hypercube, perspectively projected into 3D as stereoscopic left and right images, to be viewed cross-eyed. The computer animation was performed at Bell Labs in the mid 1960s. This is one the firs [...]

kirant My roommate just walked in on me with my nose on the computer screen. Thank you 4th dimensional shadow for making me look crazy.

GeoAl09 it would be great if there was a 3D video of this. one less dimension to worry about since this video is in 2D

Professor Zap shows how to draw a hyper cube in real time. [...]

Antichrist501 Is there still missing an edge? (1,0,1,1) to (1,1,1,1) Somehow I find it very interesting thinking about 4-D-Space :D

TekLok The XYZW coordinates really helped understand this.

NEW VIDEO! Imagining the Tenth Dimension - 2012 www.youtube.com You should follow this project on twitter: twitter.com To read along with this blog go to imaginingthetenthdimension.blogspot.com March 2, 2008 One of the most common questions about thi [...]

georgedPOLLUX maybe the 3d cube inside the hypercube is the dimension we live in and the rest 6 other cubes are the rest 6 parallel dimensions of our parallel self's. they say that in this world we have at least 6 other people who look alike us like they are our copy. it is strange that the most sacred number in christianity and occultism is the number 7

theb3rn7 actually we cant directly observe the 3rd dimension. We can infer it through depth perception, in the same way a 2-dimensional being could infer the 2nd dimension through depth perception. What we are really seeing is a plane with inferred depth, and the 2-dimensional being would see a line with also inferred depth. Only a 4-dimensional being could observe the 3rd dimension directly, but even they wouldn't be able to truly observe the 4th dimension, unless they entered the 5th...

Hypercube rotations for dimension 0 up to 6 (point, line, cube, tesseract, penteract and sexteract). No extra transformations were applied, just rotations. Of course, this is not really 4D, this is a projection of a higher dimension into a 3D vector [...]

TheWaynelds Why does the hyper cube appear to rotate within itself, and what is the "W" coordinate? X is left/right, Y is up/down, Z is Forwards/Backwards, but what is W?

TheStrangeDev You can't imagine where the W axis is, because our world is 3 dimensional and we can only see 3 dimensional projections of 4 dimensional objects. Think about it, when you draw a 3D cube on a 2D Paper from different angles, the cube appears to have changed, but in reality, it's just the projection that looks different due to the lack of one dimension.

Looking at the fourth dimension. Hyper Cube Models used in this video: i195.photobucket.com i195.photobucket.com [...]

ashesoneeight How would we perceive an object coming from the fourth dimension,not a fourth dimensional object created in the third dimension, say I saw a dude from the fourth dimension,would my brain be able to comprehend his existence?Or would he look the same as us because he is in our dimension?

Maxnon66 Why couldn't shool be so interesting like this

Volume/Sphere---I misspoke. [...]

tattooskin72 I think you explained yourself quite well :)

hairyreasoner She is, as they say, kickass. As are you, by the way.

A hypersphere animation, but only showing the vertices where grid lines would meet. [...]

97kevinhuanle Never mind, I'm back from the 5th dimension.

hitokirimasamun Insert Xzibit Joke here

This shows a rotating Clifford Torus: a tours lying on the "surface" of a 4D hypershpere. Inspired by Thomas Banchoff's book "Beyond the Third Dimension: Geometry, Computer Graphics, and Higher Dimensions", Scientific American Library, 1990. en.wikip [...]

tomp2008 too hyper for me..

PazakoKaru Kinda just seems like a distorting Torus to me