Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God

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Solving ancient mysteries Part 2. “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetis…


SurfLadyTV says:

a lot of that dna stuff is similar to the info on the
eternalyouthandimmortality website

LuckyMarketGameplay says:

can someone give me info on the video @ 4:00? source?

donaleigh22 says:

Good lord.. Magical thinking. Universal laws of physics are universal..
Nothing is ‘special” to us or to the Earth. I mean isn’t this exactly how
we got into religion in the first place, thousands of years ago….
attributing what we dont understand to magic’? God?

garrett lewis says:

Where did you go to college? 

johnny murdoch says:

life is pretty fucking boring if you ask me

niko m says:

Good hypothesis but not enough evidence and proof. More or less conjecture

Riobario says:

these videos would feel much less arrogant and trustworthy if you changed
the many “if you don’t understand this, I can’t help you…” by a few “make
up your own mind after these evidences”

corruptscorpion says:

GOD? seriously? 

ladd7771 says:

What you’re saying is true. I spent 13 years in public schools and never
once was the number Phi…1.618 ever mentioned or hinted at. I stumbled
upon it when researching Tesla’s 369 statement last year, and I’m in my
fifties. It’s a conspiracy of silence on the part of the powers that be. I
thank the Creator of the universe for revealing himself to me thru a
number. It truly is the fingerprint of our Creator.

EyeKicker says:

Good stuff but quite unprofessional which can be misleading. Definitely not
100 percent true but quite on the spot.

James Carmichael says:

33:40 anyone know what that music is?


does this prove that there’s an intelligent designer, or does it just show
that this is the only way things can be here?

Max Irish says:

thank you

Krishna Radha says:

Revolutionary evolution, speeding, going, faster, faster,faster. The
universe likes speed, it diggs it, it jazzes to it. It goes dancing,
playing and having fun. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. All is 1, 1 is all. All
is love, 1 is divine love. all is divine light, love is divine light. All
is divine joy, 1 is divine joy, all is divine peace, 1 is divine peace, all
is, 1 is. I am.Golden age baby, Golden age, Golden age.All is possible,
nothing is impossible. No worries man, smile. 

Sam Shapiro says:

Blech. Stop abusing real science please.

Quantum The Engineer says:

30min “scientists don’t know.” Is an incomplete assessment because at least
they’re trying to understand.
When “God does it.” That’s simply saying : I don’t know and I don’t care to
find out.
“Ignorance is bliss.”?
Voices filled with hate about what people don’t know is hypocrisy to very
ideas your trying to defend. 

Ashley j says:

the golden ratio comes from the golden rectangle.
The golden rectangle can only be constructed from a straight edge and
Does that sound familiar to you?

kieran shaw says:

awesome man love this.

anwar hussain says:

Meeting with creater is something magical Wich was only I believe Gona
happen someday after I spend and lost every thing ,last month I was sitting
alone in the room and there was light like one in thunder storms it touch
to my body about half minute I cannot believe the energy in my body massive
and next day I feel my body is changing my feet infection gone I mean lot
of things start happening I mean that light itself not say anything but
something there was connection between me and light all the time but I mean
anyone else gone through that experience thanks . 

Juan Bartet says:

I liked the video but still we as humans have no idea why things are the
way they are, we pretend and think we do but we don’t know squat. Is there
an all mighty being or power?.. maybe, maybe not…

Brian Rodriguez says:

If matter doesnt bring mind, then how does mind exists when a child is
born. Where does the conscience/mind comes from? 

New-World-Order UK. Division EST 01.11.2013 says:

# The Need To know Is Greater Than The Desire To Be FOOLED!!!

bsmoe1 says:

who is this man at the introduction of the video _? anyone please :) 

Joakim Perfjell says:

Love these! Good work, much appreciated

Jacob Chen says:

does anyone know who that is speaking at the start?

Dwight Frost says:

America’s version of the Taliban, a ideological dead end just to the right
of any gated community. OK a stretch I admit, but what nonsense given to
some good facts of nature. 

Mickoes says:

This video deserve a like, but it has too much religious arguments for the
scientific notions it tries to deliver. Phi, Pi, Fibonacci and other
numbers are very interesting but they remain measurable science. It’s not
about faith and the Gods, it’s about things we do not yet understand.

Gail Black says:

You can talk all you want. If you want to experience the power of what is
being presented you have to get in touch with your ‘central channel’ and
feel the passage of energy through your body. The Chinese over 4000 years
ago came up with a method of doing so. One is Tai Chi and Qigong. Check it
out. It is simply learning about how your body from the inside out works
and connects to everything and is all powerful. 

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