Amazing Resonance Experiment!

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Ima MagnetFanatic says:

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” – Albert Einstein

E=mc2 : This means that all matter is unbelievably concentrated energy.
There are MANY, MANY ways we can easily tap into this energy. In doing so
we do not even consume it, we are merely using it the same as a waterwheel
in a flowing river. When we stick a waterwheel in a flowing river the
river does NOT stop flowing.

It is said that energy can not be created nor destroyed. We are told this
to brainwash us into falsely believing that we do not have the ability to
tap into the true potential of matter. The axiom is true but to truly
understand it you must understand that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Energy is
never destroyed, what we will do is tap into the endless flow of energy
exactly like a waterwheel in a never ending river.

We can tap into the energy of magnetism. Elemental iron is an
inexhaustible source of quantum energy. We can use catalysts to provide
all the energy the world would ever need. Fusion would already be well
established if the people in power would allow it. We can even use the
amplification properties of resonance to amplify energy. These are just
some of the many ways we can tap into the infinite energy potential of the

There is a vast amount of fake videos and false information on the internet
to obfuscate the simple truth.

You are all being heavily brainwashed into believing this is not true and
into believing false science so that you will think you have to rely on oil
and so that you can be controlled and enslaved by your own ignorance.

Phil Harris says:

Nice high definition video of different cymatic frequencies. The higher the
vibration, the more intricate the pattern becomes. Everything is energy
vibrating at different wavelengths. Unconditional love being the highest of
them all. Raise your frequency…

Vladimir Barkhatov says:

Интегралы и дифференциалы наглядно. Инженеры – их повелители. Групповое
управление частицами методом вибрационного воздействия.
Происходит отражение и пересечение вибрационных волн от краев пластины. В
зависимости от частоты – разная длина волн. В зависимости от длины волн, их
суперпозиция (точки, в которых волны накладываются друг на друга и образуют
суммарные локальные максимумы и минимумы) и образует видимый рисунок: в
точках, где суперпозиция волн имеет минимальную амплитуду – скапливаются
частицы соли, так как именно в этих точках минимальная тряска – они
скатываются туда, как в овраги. При изменении частоты – возникает новая
картина наложения отраженных волн – новая суперпозиция. Поэтому частицы
перекатываются в новые “овраги” – возникает новый рисунок. Рассчитать эти
координаты точек можно легко с помощью интегралов, знания частоты и
габаритов пластины. Поэтому – инженеры рулят. На таком принципе работает
некоторое оборудование, например – вибрационные сортировщики в
производственных линиях.

D.B. Stearns, Author "Harmonic Wars" says:

Sounds have shapes. Watch this and think about the ancient hieroglyphics in
Peru. #DBSHarmonicWars, #SciFi, #Tesla

Angela Holladay says:

Amazing Resonance Experiment!:

This video is incredible.
Sound creates several different patterns out of sand when vibrating at
certain frequencies.

Check it out! 

Sammy Sylvester says:

Un experiment cu adevărat uimitor, care relevă perfecțiunea legilor naturii
create de către Dumnezeu! ;) 


If you desire the whole world to live again…all peoples included…Think

Helio Viesa says:

*Experiencias científicas legais*
Veja o que o som pode fazer, imaginem agora em nosso cérebro !
( *qual será o pattern do som de um funk?* )

Bear Plains says:

yes this is so true. if some of the crop circles are real, can it be that
something or someone is trying to put good frequencies to help our world?
just a thought but also my belief. 

Joy A says:

is this the answer of crop circle?? can it be the soundwave or sound coding
that is made by alien to deliver a message to us??

Cineon  VFX says:

*OMG, guys have you ever thought that crop circles have been made on the
same way?*

Grammar Nazi says:

Will they form the same patterns no matter the starting state? i.e. if they
went straight to the 5000 Hz range from the start (skipping all the
intermediates) would we see identical shapes?

Please don’t guess, I have no need for that. Answers from people who
understand physics are most welcome. Thanks. 

shajib syed says:

Don’t u think that ur words have more effects on me ..? If ur sweet
behaviour made me feel better so does ur guly words Leeds me in to the
hell……!!! In that experiment it show how the sounds can change shape of
things … so my point is … humans words can kill someone just like

Pakhavar says:

some patterns seem like nebula, red blood cells, chromosomes etc..

Tsz Kin Mak says:

Excuse me, I’m not good at Physics. Could you please explain why this
happens and why you keep adding powder?

Aaditya Brahmbhatt says:

4221 Hz looks like three people sitting in meditation! That’s creepy…

At 2:15

macek677 says:

Reminds me of chemtrailed clouds over our ehads, same shapes are forming,
Google: Stratospheric Aerosol Injections

Orgone EMF Protection says:

Raise your Vibration=Health/vitality through Frequency and Energy

DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

I would like to know if I could use a piece of this video in my 3 hour doc
please let me know asap attn documentary or
message me on youtube thank you.

D.B. Stearns, Author "Harmonic Wars" says:

Sounds have shapes. Watch this and think about the ancient hieroglyphics in
Peru. #DBSHarmonicWars, #SciFi, #Tesla

Jeffrey Wong says:

What does 666 hz look like? *evil grin*

Micahel Manasan says:

Mine was 7048… I think they said.. lol, complex design is best

MrBoegela says:

I believe the entire universe was shaped on vibrations and sounds. There
could be an infinite range of sounds, but our ears can only hear a tiny
fraction of it

Ayush Goyal says:

It is interesting how each of the patterns form were in perfect symmetry.
Symmetry is the true essence of nature. Though people say one cannot define
beauty, but I feel beauty starts from symmetry. 

Frederico Guth says:

A sound experiment is shown much better without background music. #fail

creativeplanetjanet says:

When I see and hear this it supports my belief that creation and science
cannot exist without each other. God spoke creation into existence. I
wonder if His speech included these frequencies which can also be music

Hor Shirdel says:

Everything is NOT energy, because this phenomenon does not exist at all in
the nature as well as the TIME. Everything is the waves.

ZanudaTB says:

Не новость. Мне лет 8 было, когда я в тележурнале “Хочу всё знать” впервые
увидел этот эфект. Только там звук на пластине возникал не от генератора, а
от простого смычка, которым вели по краю пластины. И не соль на неё сыпали,
а песок мелкий.

W1NT3CH says:

Does the shape made resemble the mathematical model of the wave being

Evgenij Nikonov says:

*Если вы хотите открыть секреты вселенной, думайте в терминах энергии,
частоты и вибрации.* Никола Тесла.

Pulvis et Umbra © Extreme Music Composer says:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Qi Huna says:

Can u go higher?

Peter Smith says:

The idea here is that most of the times, waves are traveling. But in
certain circumstances, they come back. At certain frequencies, they come
back right on top of the emitted wave, they combine, and the result is a
“standing wave”, meaning a wave that isn’t traveling. In fact it’s two
waves, the emitted and the reflected wave, that combine together to give an
effect where they don’t seem to travel along the thing, only make it
vibrate in a certain manner.
The places where the salt is coming to, are those places where the standing
waves are going through zero. Where you see the salt gathering, the plaque
isn’t moving. Where you see the salt getting away, are the places where the
plaque is buckling.
What an idiot I’ve been, I could have tried that about 30 years ago.. I had
all the gear. I even made software to analyze this phenomenon. But I didn’t
realize modal shapes can be that complex.

χλόη says:

===Για το Πέτρο===

FIRSTconcentrate says:

What about 528? Or Beethoven?

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