Sacred Geometry - the Art, the Science, and the Mystical Path

This is a film trailer for an upcoming documentary, that explains the new scientific theory in Nassim Haramein's physics paper titled "Quantum Gravity and th... [...]
Buy This Colorsheet: In this video tutorial I am going to show you how to draw a fractal 5 symmetry pattern that grows... [...]

jake dronzeuski I drew one of these! Came out nice and a lot of people love it and my mom wants want in a frame for mothers day! Thank you and subbed :)

chirag kotak Awesome !! :) do You have any videos showing how to draw a Sunflower golden ratio spiral pattern ?

Allah the Almighty,creator is only one! true religion is one and it is islam, last is messenger is one and he is Muhammed(sa:) and flawless true Book is One and that is Al-Quran! here another... [...]

Rose Calderon MASTERPIECE~tysvm 4 sharing~

Kent66Jones IS this backed up with facts? and who else knows? 2 thumbs up

This School Was An Architectural Student's Project . . His Concept Was GEOMETRIC RELATIONS between PURE FORMS (Golden Section)....The Building Was Designed On A Golden Section grid ... [...] In this video, Gail and Gregory Hoag, sacred geometry experts, talk about their subtle energy tool, the I.Connect and integrating higher energies. Results of a pilot... [...]
How Energy works, Sacred Geometry, Womb Chakras, Q&A. Audio recorded on May/2013 Like us on Facebook!: Galactic Historian Website: www. [...]
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Sasha Vrečko Very well done,mr.Barnstone!Thank you for simple advices to amateur painters.

Daus Pulai 2.30 Has the proportions of just about the whole of nature in every WHAT???

5 more videos about The Golden Rectangle Courses about Architecture The Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Rectangle and Architecture pt.1. In... [...]

litoboy5 COOL

WiZ-KiD Teach us how to become architects without school!

this video introduces the historical background necessary for understanding the progenation of John Dee's Enochian system of Theurgy into the world. This video covers the younger years of Elizabeth... [...]

aquataerra I'm not sure he was accused 'falsely' of necromancy as he seemed to have a proclivity toward the occult anyway. That he was acquitted is no proof he never did the 'crime'. It may well have been friends in high places who rescued him from prosecution.

ahouseuponarock this is good stuff. your voice is not very exciting though. sorry. I guess that's why more people haven't watched. all and all, great series so far. I'll keep watching.

Tracy Twyman's website - This is part of a recent show from Vyzygoth Raw - That Was The Month That Wasn't (June) 7-11-11 With... [...]
Enochian, or Angelic Tongue spoken together with an English version of the Second Call or Key from the system of Angelic communication recorded by Dr. John Dee & Edward Kelly. [...]

PucksPortal It is what it is and it does what it does Thank u 4 taking the time to comment Puck

ron stoppable when i was under the influence of a substance i went into a kind of coma world and saw beings that appeared to have a fluorescent glow , not humanoid , shaped like tadpoles and they spoke words to me which i think may have been enochian , but im not sure completely , the words sounded like "umn sen um du num" , i dont know if thats exactly it but can u help me if u know any words similar to this in enochian , it happened 100's of times and always the same words spoken to me in this other world

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D. Lee Sweet sounding song at the end of this video!

D. Lee Nice work guys, keep sharing the humanity! With much love, beauty and blessings to the both of you!

this video introduces the Table of Union, a chart used by the Golden Dawn to relate the four elements by rows and columns, thus rendering 16 squares, which we see can be attributed to the royal... [...]

Paddy Theosophist Has spirit Zadkiel given man a formula for the Philosopher's Stone?

Keaton Wedmid very intersting

Sacred Geometry Art by John Paul Polk - "Prime Precession". An animation illustrating the process of using circles rotated on a base axis and by degrees based on prime numbers. Interestingly... [...]

ThePriceIsWrong Spirograph: so much fun you'll never want to stop!

Creating geometry based art with GeoKone.NET live, explaining basic parts of the UI and how to use GeoKone to create geometry live. [...]
MUR Sacred Geometry Sculpture Art by MUR Pyramid creator Garth Harvey. This video shows an pyramid sculpture that was inspired by a pyramidal structure that artist Garth Harvey saw in Egypt.... [...]
Alex Sumner, novelist and writer on the occult, presents the Enochian calls as received by Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly, and used by the Golden Dawn. The First Call: Ol sonf vorsg goho Iad... [...]
Part 2 of a 3 video teaching series about the Aleph Code found in ancient Hebraic letters. Mysteries revealed about God's plan for humanity through every portion of time. [...]

carebear7giantkiller shalom my brother, continue in the favor and blessings of our Yeshua......ctg

carebear7giantkiller wow! wonderful!

forever uniteds with jesu' and nationalism against satan's synagoghe and babilon tower [YHWH in Genesis? is not the same YHWH of Numbers!] If the Bible or th... [...] Please use headphones! "Yes, you have the opportunity to start resuming your original Divine State... [...]